Let’s have a post for the douchebags (29 Photos)

  • carmine

    real men dont drink coffee. i drink panther piss in the mornings

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  • c-rizzle

    #25 No, It is very simple. This is what i say when i dont want a plain coffee. Give me one medium whatever.
    This is what I say when i want a coffee. I'll have one medium black coffee. The best way to say it is to put yourself in Ron Swanson's shoes, and think how would he say it.

  • http://imdtees.com/ Rich

    Jersey Shore season 4????? lol

  • will

    Is #19 Bubbs from The Wire?

  • will

    i meant #18….#18 is Bubbs from The Wire

  • trent

    R.I.P. Mask

  • DrJohn

    #12 Nice way to raise your kids… this should be on a bad parent list of picts. But nice job taking care of yourself mom ; )


    my nigga mark richter doe dog http://thechive.com/2011/12/07/lets-have-a-post-f

  • Kenzy

    half of these guys arnt douche bags they are just very gay and fem….learn the difference 🙂

  • Carly

    #15 dicktowel.com !!!

  • jimbo

    how could anyone hate on #11?! that mustache deserves respect.

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  • Sappy

    #23 two hundred and sixty dollar baller

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