Who doesn’t love a good tree fort? (26 Photos)

Via cracktwo

  • VedHead77

    If #26 took 3 years to build, then these guys are grade A slackers. If #23 took 3 years to build, then they are still grade A slackers.

  • BobBrownies

    r/trees :3

  • Franklin1138

    Dude…in #11 there are chicks chilling in the tree house. If you can get chicks to actually stay in your tree house, then it is most definitely NOT a disaster. It's like Murphy's rule says, "If it sounds stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."

  • B-Abt

    This is like the tree house from the sandlot.

  • meh

    You can't just build a fort on the ground near a tree and call it a tree fort. Maybe a tree fort for sissies.

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    OK they had me til Winnie The Pooh #21

  • http://twitter.com/BSimmzy @BSimmzy

    #11 More than a pass, you get an A+ if you get girls in your fort!!

  • CzarCzarBinks

    needs fatheads. who wouldn't want clay matthews to beat on your shit-talking friends? Shit-talking friends that shit-talk posters….

  • Waty

    If I had one of these I'd be taking some strange to it… Not playing video games and watching a bunch of VHS movies..

  • clean

    I wonder how much weed has been smoked in that tree fort

  • gtr


  • ProudtoKnowYou

    From someone who got to experience that last photo, it was the first brain child years before the final conception became a reality… and frankly, the final result is pretty damn awesome considering all the people involved have real lives outside of tree-fort building. So it's not a house in a tree — these people must be absolutely ashamed of themselves! For all the haters, this was not YOUR tree fort.. we all have our own visions from our childhood of what an epic tree fort would look like. I'd say the vhs tapes and old school video games stay true to that. (because who brings "strange" back to their dream fort when they're a child?? good one.)

  • Jayce

    The genius store claeld, they\’re running out of you.

  • Fogerty

    3 years.. means few days when PC was down. If I know kids nowadays.

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