Chivers, meet Ashley Callingbull (18 Photos)

Last night, I was opening all the new Chivette submissions when I stumbled upon the photo directly below of a beautiful girl just being goofy, an admirable quality in any Chivette. At that exact moment, Doug the Intern happened to be walking behind my desk and exclaimed, "Dude, she's hot, Google her." Thanks, Doug, well put.

But then a Google Image search spit back a whole buncha' photos. I emailed Ashley back and she copped to being Ashley Callingbull, the Miss Universe finalist. Ashley she said she'd been on theCHIVE for over a year and just wanted to contribute to the community. *swoon*

Ashley Callingbull is part of the Enoch Cree Nation and grew up in Alberta, Canada. Her life hasn't been an easy one. Ashley was abused as a child. Her family was so poor they had to ration food. She now travels to hospitals and schools to council children in her position. The list of charities for which she volunteers could fill a book. Ashley really is an inspiration.

In June 2010, Ashley placed 2nd runner up in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant and later that year she was chosen Miss Canada for the Miss International Pageant. She's also the lead actresses on the TV drama Blackstone. Oh, and she's also the Chivette of the Week, which is really the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a girl.

Ashley is very active on Facebook so stop in and say hello. Her Twitter is right here.


Ashley’s Facebook.

Ashley’s Twitter.

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  • Anonymous

    Get tha god damn longbacks outta here. Enoch is the porta potty of alberta. And possibly western canada.

  • Anonymous

    I bet if those titties came outta that bra they would look like a set of 8 balls in a sock.

  • Anonymous

    I just jerked off on her face.

  • Marcus

    she's from edmonton alberta. She dated my buddy Jacob.

    • ashcallingbull

      yup edmontonian.. small world!

  • its_forge

    #9 first-rate tummy. Congratulations on genetic good fortune and I'm sure no small amount of fairly hard work getting that figure to that state of near-perfection.

  • Loewe

    She is so hot it hurts me a little.

  • bkfrijoles

    #2 is totally my favorite

    • ashcallingbull

      mine too 🙂

  • Nutrod

    She’s an eh-hole

  • konaehukai

    They grow em on trees up there.

  • wilk


  • Niitsitapi13

    #18 is she red?

  • Harleyxx

    #18 Poca HOT ness

    • ashcallingbull

      haha poca hot nesssssss

  • Tacorey

    It's funny when hot chicks are just a touch cross eyed…

  • MBRocker

    #9 she just helps to prove that this country is awesome

  • T

    Alberta is the Chivette capital of the WORLD! Glad to live here, swimmin’ in hotties!

  • T

    Need a chick from Red Deer to finish the Alberta tour!

  • Mr. McGibblets

    I just went from 6 to midnight

  • slimey

    was so relieved when I got to the end and she was still a chivette and not a chiver … thanks … #16

  • sllimcat

    it's not the most complimentary dress , but the whole package is really great

  • mastodon311


  • Jib

    looks like a lizard of some sort

  • Luke

    The enoch reserve is literally the most ghetto part of all of alberta. I'm scared to even drive within 10km on the highway passed it. Mad respect to this girl for coming out of there so well.

    • ashcallingbull

      Hobbema reserve which is an hour away from Edmonton is worse. I grew up there as well.. glad I didn't fall into the cracks and let it get a hold of me.

    • jay low

      most rez's are pretty ghetto…just ask don burnstick

    • Adrian

      no it really isnt, trying going to my rez or even hobbema

  • Guest

    I'm sorry but I think she doesn't have it. It would be better for her to find a real job soon.

  • RichG.inIN

    A great compilation of pics for this gallery. Hope to see more of Ashley in the near future on The Chive.

  • Josh Haddix

    I started scrolling through these pictures doubting she was submitting and actually a Chivette and then #17 was thrown at me and my mind was blown.

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