• festizzio

    She's the only reason i'd move to Cleveland.

  • Pete

    Try Iggy Azalea instead. This girl's just MOR.

  • Catguy95

    Marry me?

  • Jon

    Definitely better than being subjected to Nikki Minaj

  • GOoZle

    Holy Shit Thats nuts

  • Anonymous

    Chivers are a bunch of little bitches. Crying moar over a boring 6

  • Anonymous

    Fags..I jus went to the mall and conversated with some girl named Melissa who was 20 times hotter than this poser. Go outside…get off ur phone and talk …git sum. (milage may vary)

  • KumaTenshi

    This looks fake. Her lip movements are not matched up at all near the end of the video.

  • MrEff

    Yeah. Rap. What a waste of what could be an amazing talent.

  • KillinTime

    We’re getting too many trolls on the site.

  • http://N/a Nick

    Is anyone else a little turned on right now?

  • Anonymous

    Mom, dad..I’m snoring

  • Anonymous

    Alec..quit posting dumb shit

  • DevMan

    Save that shit for the country club little girl

  • IDKmyname

    that girl shot an arrow to my heart

  • Joe

    Check out her pics on barstool

    It's worth your time

  • Chad

    Cute, but she's lip-synching. Even through the mic sock you can see that! And she misses the jump at the beginning!

  • SarcasmJedi

    No too bad decent rhythm and the rhyming is not that bad either. If Only I enjoyed rap.

  • BlackMatterBeaver

    Shit is weak…

  • Muie

    You all want to fuck her and that's the only thing you thought about.

  • bkfrijoles

    Get some Bailee Moore.

  • TGB

    very "meh"

  • Sagor

    oww! she raps great!

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