• Buster Douglas Fir

    Pretty funny, actually. Just putting a little creativity in an application email can go a long way. I wish more people got hired based on this.

    I wish we elected our presidents based on how well they can make us laugh.

    (Oh wait, that would mean George W Bush would be dictator for life…. that dude was hilarious!)

  • Mikey

    This was AWESOME!

  • CalAb13

    Kudos. Times are tough and this guy obviously wants to work. May not be the highest paying job but its a JOB!

  • Michael McCollough

    The world needs ditch diggers too. – The Honorable Judge Smails.

  • JizzMarkie

    Is his roommate scumbag Steve??

  • @Nick4761

    very well done sir. that joke about the baloney killed me.

    and i'd like to go to that burger place u work at since we are probably both from louisiana.

  • Anonymous

    I love how bussiness name is retacted in the subject of each picture but in the email the company name is listed in full

  • The Dude

    Who Dat!

  • tigerblood

    Am I the only one who didn't find an ounce of humor in this at all?

    • louis cattanaccio

      I'm sure if he mentioned something about farts or genitals somewhere, you'd be ROTF

  • Thumbs Down Leprecaun

    He he he. As you can all see you have all received thumbs down. Both because you all suck and I’m a bastard!!! Enjoy the fractured confidence that only the thumbs down leprechaun can produce. Diddly dee

    • Jesus

      You're girlfriend screams my name when you have sex

  • GoForth

    This is the Five Guys on Baldwin Rd in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

    Locals Chivers should totally go there and yell "Who dat?" randomly!


    was this written in 1999?

  • fhonik

    Not sure which i appreciate more. Employer or employee? It pretty cool to hire like that.

  • Derpin

    Read like old, original National Lampoon, and that is a good thing!

  • etcrr

    Oh what the hell I got nothin, didn't make me laugh.

  • Squid

    Dude, you're my new hero.

  • Slav

    None of that was funny

  • Kingdome

    Congrats on the guy getting a job and creatively as well.

  • JRisJunior

    Um, trying this.

  • Waty

    You'd probably be the manager at the one close to me if you could put together a complete sentence in English.. Not ebonics.

  • Airt

    Well done Sir.

  • chive4ever


  • iHiDeous

    spelled bologna wrong, but congrats.

  • brian

    epic…well played sir.

  • lovehaight88

    nailed it

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