• NBUllock001

    This has to have been in my town!! They just opened a five guys here! i have to find this person…

  • Anonymous

    Haha one just opened where I live

  • Ltrain

    Dudes: chill. 5guys is poppin up everywhere like mushrooms!

  • Anonymous

    Best thing ive seen in a while haha

  • MBRocker

    haha i am a saints fan and i aprove, fucking hilarious

  • Rock Flag and Eagle

    This is why China is winning.

  • Richard Rainbolt

    I fucking love Five Guys in my mouth!!!


    53rd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda Bair

    I am the store manager at a five guys in NJ, and this is insulting. I wish I knew what store this was coming from cuz this GM needs a swift kick..

  • Anonymous

    Amanda bair can eat a dick.

  • the man

    i don't care who you are that is internet gold

  • Sandy

    fuckin owesome

  • bryainiac

    You sir, are winning.

  • Bob

    I liked 5 guys the first few times…now everytime I think I want a burger from there, I just think to myself….I can make a 10x better burger with 10x better meat for the same price…I just can't cook the fries like them….that's about it. I'd rather grill 93% leab beef with no gristle than a flattened down burger with no seasoning on it. That's just me… They are better than the true fast food joints…but it's still not a REAL burger. The Fajita joke made me chuckle.

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  • Fitdude

    cool story bro… nobody cares about your $6 an hour job though.

  • bob

    Most people will instantly click the back button but I'll let you know: You have more chance of people bothering to stay on your website if you DON'T annoying having audio or video automatically playing.

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