The ‘unimpressed astronaut’ meme (20 Photos)

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  • plow

    AWESOME post.

  • Jazzyjeff

    F*** NASA n Its basement projects. Can u say photoshop

  • Yessirr

    #12 FTW. Great post.

  • NewYearsEvil

    Fake story bro..

  • etcrr

    #18 take that OWS!

    • SAM

      If that were true there would be 650 billion people on earth. He would actually be part of the 0.000000171% (assuming 7,000,000,000 people on earth)…not nearly as impressive. Yes I'm pedantic & possibly OCD.

      • clrobertson

        You’re missing a few place values, there: .0000000017

        • SAM

          12 moon walkers/7,000,000,000 people on earth = 0.00000000171 x 100 (to get it to percent) =0.000000171% I stand by me answer (and my OCD).

          newscot: good point but there have been no where near 650 billion in the history of the human race…unless my history teachers have been lying to me.

      • newscot

        There's 7 billion people on Earth NOW.
        There's been way more than that in the whole history of the human race.

  • Commando00

    Great post Chive!!

    #7 #10 #16 Laughed the hardest!!

  • BigJoe

    Freaking Amazing!

  • CalAb13

    #2 I wanna know who/what the hell he was having sex with 0_0

    • Craigery

      Sentinel Prime.

  • homer

    these are hilarious. has anybody else wondered why there are never any stars in any moon photos
    (not just this shopped pic)? No atmosphere on the moon blocking them out either, so you would be able to see millions more of them. i bet its tough to make things in space show up on pictures taken in a warehouse anyways.


      who said the worlds round, i didnt…. oh them riiight

      • Craigery

        Have you ever tried taking a picture of the stars at night? Good luck.

    • queue33

      The photos were taken while it was day on the moon. The shutter speed of the cameras was much too fast for the faint light of the stars to be seen on the film.

    • Jman

      Your right. its not like they could have just put a bright light behind the black backdrop and then punch a bunch of holes in it. they probably didn’t do that just so very suspicious people like you would know the actual truth….your a fucking idiot

      • The_Dood

        You're* a fucking idiot. If you are going to insult someone's intelligence try not to hit yours in the process… twice.

    • Stephen

      You can’t see any stars because of the glair off the surface. It’s the same reason you can only see a few stars at night in the city, only the glair from the moon’s surface is far greater.

    • SmokeyMorgan

      Are you guys still there? You know, the "we didn't really land on the moon" people. LOL @ you.

    • Herby Sagues

      Because the sun reflected on the moon's surface is just too bright. Cameras have a certain dynamic range, and the luminosity of a star on the film is not enough to be perceived compared to the brightness of the ground and other objects in the picture.
      If there were any stars in the pic, I would conclude they faked the landing.

  • Christopher Beltz

    Try this one out!

    • Christopher Beltz

      You will have to go to about 2 minutes and 40 seconds!

    • Jacob

      Exactly what I thought of. The best stand-up comic I ever heard.

  • Larence

    "Astronauts to the moon"…..

    the Coneheads

  • Seldi84

    #4 #7 #14
    This has become my new favourite meme

  • @MissRachelJane

    #7: Epic and soooo awesome 😀

  • luckiestMic

    #2 ….. By myself

  • Anonymous

    We all know its real. Thats where the transformers landed. They made a movie about!

  • @ScottHoiland


    [IMG ][/IMG]

    12 huh? I raise you 2.

    2 and only 2 men have been to the bottom of the ocean. And they did it in 1960, before the moon landing.

  • Engineering_student

    #18 was funny, until I realized that in order for that to be true it would have to be 650 billion people, which is about 6 times more than have ever lived on earth. More like the .000000012%.

    • poppycock

      I noticed that too and felt mildly satisfied that his calculations were wrong

  • Jacob

    Reminds me of a good Brian Regan joke: "You mentioned driving on the Autobahn, I drove on the moon. I too was worried about my speed until I remembered, 'We're the only ones on the moon.'"

  • Dave

    Hahaha this is awesome.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    LMAO. This meme is awesome.

  • Alp

    that astronaut is kind of a dick

  • MattKL

    Good post Chive. Makes my shift go by faster.

  • Anonymous

    Coming from someone who works at NASA, I can promise you we went to the moon. Nice try with your psuedo-physics though.

  • johkur

    So…uh…who helped you get into the mile high club there, #2?

  • CSpringer

    My dad was an astronaut. No shit. And these made me laugh…and cry a whole lot on the inside.

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