This relationship didn’t end well (5 HQ Photos)

  • thatguy

    im pretty sure i know who this is

  • Bob

    Least you got to shag her…

  • adamcoasttocoast

    wah. You're in college,constantly surrounded by ass. Do the rest of us post-grads a favor and get some strange.

  • batdoc

    Cool story, bro. Needs more dragons.

  • Waty

    Nice. Now post the vids.

  • Bored

    Very vague story. I'm sure there is more to it. It's not like she trashed your place because you're a cool dude.

  • sureman123

    doesn't matter……….had sex!!!!!!

  • Darwin

    Unfortunately hot and bat-shit insane are just two sides of the same coin.

  • gtr

    'doesn't matter. had sex'

  • DuncanIdaho33

    I call bullshit. As fifty other people pointed out…ring? Probably taken from like 90% of the other content.

  • Jimbob Jones

    #5 anyone else notice the cat?

  • MattKL

    Blondes really do have more fun…wrecking your shit after you break up with them.

  • jondrethagiant

    Upvote if you noticed tha sad cat in tha corner…

  • Steve

    #5 what's left from some guys plowing her in your room, probably a 3 hole punch

  • Mike Belanger

    Because cleaning all of my shit up off the floor is going to really make me regret breaking up with a nutjob. Logical.

  • fffff

    #4 did the relationship happen to end because she is married!?!?

  • Anonymous

    #5 I did that to a crazyass bitch once.

  • Ltrain

    ‘doesn’t matter: had sex’

  • Amanda M.

    The fact that Chive even posted this in the first place disgusts me. Posting pictures of a woman without her consent? So wrong. Doesn't matter if she took it for her boyfriend. That means she only consented to him viewing it, not for the entire Internet to check her out. I was once an avid Chivette, but this is the last time I'll go to this site. Shame on you, John.

  • Doctor_What


  • disappointed too

    can someone please explain to me why this is on the chive? i thought this site was better than that. she probably broke up with you because you're a slob and don't respect her…

  • Yamomzboyfriend

    Yeah she is hot….but show me a fly chic and I will show you a man that is sick of hitting it. Good that you got out before marriage because your car insurance goes down…but your chic does’nt anymore!

  • Darren

    Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed!

  • guest
    • snf

      Not bad …..

  • Anonymous

    Dumb post

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