• yeah no

    i have 2 friends that are girls and i would NEVER hook up with them… haha not a chance

  • bcit

    If you are really hungry, and somebody puts a chicken in front of you…. would you eat it?…. Thats how fat chicks get laid….
    so don't tell me.. "Oh.. im gay guy and i'm friends with a gay girl"… i call bull on that… Just go ahead and eat your chicken….

  • Jgrover

    It only works if the guy is gay… Thats the only time any "man" is willing to go shopping, get nails and hair done and all that other feminine crap women do…

  • Justin D.

    Can guys and girls be just friends? Yes. The real question should be, can guys and girls be content with being only friends? For girls, yes, for guys, no. I've told all my female friends that I'm alright being their friends only but that they should not get it twisted; if given the opportunity I would totally bone them. Because – and this is true of both genders – people don't associate themselves purposefully with members of the opposite sex (or in some cases, same) that they aren't, at the least, physically attracted to.

  • Tony

    Hey, when a dogs hungry…he eats.

  • Anonymous

    I’m friends with plenty of fat girls

  • This guy

    Friends that are girls, are just girls we haven't fucked YET. 😛

  • A BiPolar Guy

    I've been very close friends, even intimate share all out secrets friends with several women. DId I think about sex with them? Hell I think about sex with nearly every woman I see. Surprise! I'm pretty sure they knew that. You thin I wouldi be friends with an idiot? But just like I can be just a co-worker I can be just a friends.

  • Anonymous

    It’s rare but possible…but don’t get surprised if eventually feelings get involved. Once that boundary is crossed there is no turning back and be prepared to kiss the friendship goodbye!!!

  • Carbon

    I feel like the odd guy out. I honestly have chick friends and am straight. I don't have the desire to bone every single one of them. If you can have fun with someone you can be friends, it doesn't have to reach that sexual level. Both sides are allowed to have feelings after all we are human but it doesn't have to reach that level is what I'm saying. If friendships eventually turn into that then well, they do. However, I know that most of them will never do so and I honesty look forward to going to bars, doing hookah or generally just chilling and being myself. If everything has to be about sex then its just shallow all the time. Just my two cents.

  • Nicholas Vettorel

    they sure can so long as the girl is unnatractive

  • Hector

    "So, it's a one-sided friendship?"
    Best line in the whole thing!
    Good stuff.

  • Maytrix

    Ah yes, college kids are such a great source for the truth..

  • The El-conquistador

    Ask the same questions at a retirement village…

  • Tyler

    I actually wrote a song about this. I'm a guy that believes it would be very difficult to be "Just Friends". Check out the song ~>

  • http://H Rick

    @ 0:47 HILARIOUS!!!

  • Rachel

    It's totally possible for guys and girls to just be friends, the girl just has to be ugly. Case in point, I have a guy friend who's smoking hot, im a 3 next to this man he wouldn't give me a passing thought romantically and I think he's too much of a douche to ever consider it. Instead our friendship is video games and checking out hot women.

  • Fonzie Quevedo

    if the guy is gay then yes

  • bob

    those women are so stupid!
    blatantly illogical and self deluding.

  • Dano Patko

    I could watch this video on MUTE and still enjoy it. Utah State U Library is the best place in Utah to meet babes.

  • joel

    yes, if one or both of them is gay.

  • thesauceboss

    – lol. poor Bobby.

  • Phil

    Yes, but only if they both have significant others. Otherwise, one of 'em is gonna have feelings. It's a pain in the ass to try to explain this to most girls though.

  • waltgator


  • MOFocker

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