Yesterday it was Jordan Carver doing yoga, today it’s Denise Milani’s Facebook page (46 Photos)

  • joe

    Fake ass and even faker boobs….add that to being anorexic AND gym-obsessed-muscular (which screams body image issues & neurosis)…..yeahhhh, that's SOOOO hot!

  • http://thechive Brock hay

    That is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen in my whole life Absolutely perfect! Face book me pretty girl we is getting married in moven too bora bora

  • jerald

    I don’t understand what makes her so popular she is not attractive anyone can she is superficial horribly photoshopped

  • Guest

    Photoshop. Photoshop. Photoshop.

  • Buscuit

    What a rack! What a rump!

  • chavo


  • rsw

    It is really sad that so many people see fit to make assumptions based on appearances. There is really no independent, reliable source of information about Denise – so your negative comments are without factual basis. Those of you that are so quick to put her down as fake (or worse) would probably be real upset if you were judged in a similar superficial and unfair way. You really do not improve your own stature by cutting down someone else. TheChive, and Denise, have put her photos here for your entertainment and enjoyment. If it's not your style, just move on without casting stones – it accomplishes nothing except to cast you in a negative light.

  • Flavia

    Bad news for the guys that ride bikes with stretched swing arms on the steret ..You are not fooling anybody. You are however complete Douches. Yes, I capitalized the word douches.

  • Dave

    This woman is the definition of perfect

  • TimC


  • Allan Burns

    she resembles on of the Kardashian girls, ONLY 100% IMPROVED !

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