Yesterday it was Jordan Carver doing yoga, today it’s Denise Milani’s Facebook page (46 Photos)

  • Tia

    Check this out….

  • Anonymous

    She is really pretty, but her boobs make her look like an idiot.. Would have been better if she would have done something a little more natural looking

  • AJSZ

    What the hell did she do to her body? Way better a few years ago. No need for the weightlifting.

  • Anonymous

    I like to watch old women mud wrestle rather than look at a gorgeous woman like this chick.

    I also like hairy armpits and wearing cottage cheese on my penis.

  • b money

    Her tits are too big for her frame.

  • Tyler Macias

    I'd rather have the Chivettes.

  • tad

    Looks like an off duty porn star.

  • Anonymous

    oh, yea…god she’s got a rock hard body, huge fake boobs, and a gorgeous face…dont know WHAT anyone would see in her… HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR MIND? not saying every woman needs to look like that but christ…

  • RichG.inIN

    A beautiful woman but too big upstairs for my liking. Denise and Jordan both need major breast reduction. Not impressed with either.

  • Anonymous

    She looks absolutely ridiculous.

  • mith

    thanks, but no thanks

  • dave o

    that ain't normal


    Not impressed… She’s too skinny, and yes there is such a thing. Body is not proportionate and all fake. I like a nice, real, beautiful woman.

  • Gabe

    yeah, they're just too big for her…They're nice, but too over proportioned!


    Hee's the problem with a woman like this; she lives in the gym. When she's not at the gym, she's at the grocery reading labels. Then when she gets home to prepare what she calls "dinner", it will take her 30 minutes to prep because she's counting her caloric intake, documenting in her food journal, then pairs that against her morning workout to determine whether or not this meal will provide her with enough energy for her evening workout. When her day is complete, she's too sore/tired to fuck like a slut. And even if she wasn't, do you really want to fuck a girl that you can see her veins? You think you might. Until after a few times of sex and then you can't get her veins out of your mind. Like the scratch on the top of your mouth you mess with all day. it just won't go away. So YOU start coming up with excuses of why you don't want sex with her, playing it off like the protein shake she made you drink upset your stomach. Or how the extra 10 reps she made you do hurt your back. You'll run the gamut on this one. Eventually, you realize that thinking about a girl that looks like this, and actually living with a girl like this, are two totally different worlds. And you start to give in to the temptations to chat with the chubby girl at the coffee shop. You both hit it off even though she knows who you date. But that's alright with her because she's always wanted the chance to get back at all those super fit bitches that make her daily life a living hell by ordering everything fatty, but but requesting to "please remove the fat." You hook up at the bar while your real girl is at the gym, working diligently for her upcoming photo shoot for a popular fitness magazine. You're ankle deep in this chubby girl when you realize that she actually has an empty McDonald's bag on her kitchen counter, and you smile. You start to notice her xBox 360 remotes are still on her couch, hinting at the possibility that she just lays around and plays video games in her spare time. You see a photo of her and her friends tubing the river with actual dark beers in their hand, not the 64 Lite your girl just sips until it's time for her fat burner workout at 4:30 in the afternoon. It's then and there that you decide looks aren't everything. You call it off with Ms. Fit, you call up Ms. Chubs, and ask her to go to dinner with you. She says, "Why not just order in so we can play Battlefield 3 online? My treat!" It's months later when you see your ex-gym rat has hooked up with a typical meathead, tatted up, spiky hair, drives a black M3 because he can't afford a 7-Series, and you could give one shit. Lo and behold, you found out your new chubby GF's dad owns a commercial real estate firm and has properties all over the world. Your Facebook albums look like a National Geographic, you're traveling everywhere, partying with new friends in countries you didn't even know existed. He gave you a job in the R&D department, plush office, expense account. And life couldn't be any better. Lesson? No matter how hot, someone, somewhere, is tired of her shit. That someone could be you. Look passed the looks, be grateful for what you have, and never turn down a chubby girl just because they don't look like Ms. Fit. You never know who her daddy might be!

  • Donnie

    Can we get a GIF on #34

  • Guest :)

    she'd be looking a lot better with less bewbage!!

    (never thought I'd say something like that)

  • Anonymous

    Smoking hot

  • oridotan

    She should burn that bra !!!


  • Sammie

    this makes me sad. This girl is so hot…..but those ridiculous boobs….seriously…. it looks awful. A nice pair of D's on her body would be perfect. Bitch needs a reduction and she needs to fix those hairy arms.

  • frydaddy1079

    Nice titts but needs to eat a cheeseburger or 2!!

  • SauceBoss

    I like my Denise when she was healthy looking, a bit more meat on her bones than the way she looks now after winning the body building contest…. she looks awkward and gross now 😦 I am so sad about this

  • Anonymous

    Denise is the perfect woman nuff said

  • Facebook

    Oh my god she is so freakin hot!!!

  • ANDY7290

    need some meat on her bones, but i'd still take a bite

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