You look…. good. (23 Photos)

  • LOL

    why is she here?! I DEMAND TO KNOW! NOW!

  • LOL

    im new…

  • L

    #8 She looks……Bewbs!

  • Adam

    Ugly biotches. This is the real world.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha I literally did not stop laughing the entire time

  • Simon

    FLBP candidate and a tongue piercing.

    Where's the problem?

  • bkfrijoles

    #9 so much cocaine

  • Ltrain

    Yeah- gimme #8 cause I didnt make it past her neck her boobies were so nice.

  • MattKL

    #7 Jesus Christ girl, eat a sandwich!

  • deedubya

    get the hell out of the road. I need to go to work!

  • Anonymous

    #5 Mars attacks!

  • sarah

    I feel bad for those girls…but I feel horrible for the guys they go home too haha poor guys!

  • sarah

    Was it just me? Or did most of the girls look really constipated?

  • bill

    #8 is meckenzie sprague

  • MonkeyMadness

    #13 Looks like she's in pane. 😀

    • DemonIAm

      window pane

    • echogeo

      You would be too if you just sat on your balls.

  • pauly

    How many of these were them trying to be sexy and epically failing?

  • T

    Geezus! This whole post makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable…

  • big red

    #19 has she got agonistic apraxia, also known as "alien hand syndrome" of the leg? Dr.Strangelove anyone?

  • b money

    I would punch all these girls in the face. Except for #8. I’d punch her in the titties.

  • ros

    Mac the Intern is… a kind o' genius. Witness this stupid crazy post here. — Chive, after all is said and done, after even "Burn Your Bra" Tuesday or Thursday or whatever it is, the most link-to-my-friends post of the week, in the end, is "Cat Saturday". Sorry everybody who hates Cat Sat — it's a fact.

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  • Cord11

    #18 – Vote for Pedro! This gallery should be renamed Russian Mail Order Brides comrade…

  • TheHypnotizer

    At least #8 has the tongue ring going for her.

  • ttmab

    #7 Needs to lose some weight. What a cow!
    #14 Me gusta.

  • Jon

    #5…love the neck bones…

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