• Dylis

    lame, pretty sure at least 3 of those were forward laterals and I don't find that kind of play to be very awesome. Seems like the bitch ass way to win a game, would have been better if one of those guys would man up and plow through some defenders not bitch out and pass it to someone else. Sad way to win imo!

    • Yu!P

      Dylis is mad he is fat.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    why cant american football be more like this? stopping after 10sec all the time is lame

    • The J

      I prefer roller coasters to long walks along the sidewalk. Constant activity is not the same thing as exciting action.

  • http://www.tsn.ca/ CalAb13

    OK this was put up last night and now again? Great video but are we now recycling things the very next day? 😉

  • Anonymous

    So nothing happened..

    Just rugby.

  • JimboPunter

    this is why rugby is a better sport

  • dude

    americans, y u so silly?

  • Cal1

    Soooo…. Rugby then

  • Cal1

    But with pussies in armour

  • poople dinosawr

    Football…. and yet the ball was never kicked… dumb americans

    • mises

      Yeah when the ball is kicked in the beginning and at every 4th down and every field goal, those fall under the category of “never” kicked. Brilliant.

    • Dolphhonkey

      The Chive…and yet there are never any onions on here. Dumb internet people…

    • Fox

      Football wasn't always as it is today…there is something called history and evolution. In the beginning football had many different styles of play but mostly involved kicking and running. Things you do with…your feet *gasp*. Besides it's not called 'kickball'. There are other things you can do with your feet. Ignorant and closed-minded Europeans.

  • Ro Ro


  • aaa

    is the game over?

  • DrChimRichalds

    Final score: 31-22. Just running up the score.

  • trent

    in tab it says High School and on video it says College? Fails

  • mad rabbit

    It's like a very bad game of Rugby.

  • etcrr

    looked more like a game of rugby than football, but hey whatever works to get the T.D.

  • Anonymous

    First off this is definitely college and not high school, because I go to millsaps
    and second, this play happened in like 2008

  • Da Sandman

    hilarious how you americans think that this is 'miraculous' ^^ you can see plays like this a 100 times in each and every rugby game… you people really need to get a clue about sports, seriuously, all your american sports are boring as fuck

    • Fox

      It's 'miraculous' because it doesn't happen in football often and because of its high chance of disaster is only tried during desperate situations. It's 'miraculous' because as you point out, it looks like something from a different sport. Also way to have an open mind…So American's must like what Europeans like and if they don't then they are clueless? Because only one's person point of view is correct…right?

    • kent

      It's hilarious how you non-Americans are so obsessed with the US that you actually thing it's a relevant, necessary argument to whine constantly about our taste in sports. This only proves that you're so below us that you need to spend so much time scrutinizing what we do.

  • Anonymous

    I love all the anti-American comments….. Makes me laugh. When’s the last time we didnt dominate every sports except for water polo lol and cricket? Haha. You talk about soccer like its difficult- its a bunch of ferries who couldn’t make the football team because they cant take a hint. Go jerk off Ranoldhino

  • https://www.facebook.com/BigDaddyLuvv Bill Ivory

    I haven't watched a football game in years because it takes so stinking long for each and every play turning a 60 minute clock in to four hours of boredom. If football were played like this I'd start watching it again.

  • Josh North

    Ahhhh American Footballers using Rugby 'tactics'. Very well. Next Rugby match I'm throwing the egg forward as far as I want and a single fuck will not be given that day.

  • Kdogg2626

    Where is Gus Johnson when you need him???

  • Doobieking

    See how much more entertaining ‘football’ is ehen its played like…well, like rugby really

  • http://twitter.com/AndyDiogenes @AndyDiogenes

    Lacking speed and skill, they're division 3 for a reason.

  • Hoppo

    ‘This may be the most miraculous ending to a game in all of Division 3’

    Praise indeed.

  • FartsnurGenDirection

    2 seconds left and it took a minute and 3 seconds to score? Seems about right for a game that should take 60 minutes to play, yet goes on for hours. Look, you can argue about American Football vs Football till you're blue in the face, truth is it's barely a quarter hour of action. Take out the multiple points per score, and you're still looking at single digit , low double digit affairs in a very rare case. Take out the time outs, cut the play clock down to 5 seconds, and get rid of the field goals. While you're at it, cut the teams down to 25 players.

    • Dan

      You don't get one point per score because the infinite combinations of touchdowns, safeties, field goals, extra points, and conversions allows for really intense scenarios towards the end of the game, like when a seemingly insignificant missed extra point in the first quarter comes back to bite you in the ass. If you're going to rag on a sport you might want to put some critical thinking into it.

      • FartsnurGenDirection

        Didn't "rag" on either. Just making the facts known, that if it was 1 point per SCORE, games would be 2-1 (based on average 21-14 scoreline across the history of pro american football) and 15 minutes of athletes being athletic.

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