• qgob

    It's called rugby – Google it!

  • Anonymous

    And for the non americans we call this rugby

  • QGob

    It's called ***RUGBY*** – Google it!

  • joe

    how the shit did no one see the ball hit the damn ground?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter if it hits the ground on a backwards lateral… It would just be a fumble

    • Anonymous

      It’s called a fumble fucktard

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001220529599 Brady Hudson

    Wow that is insane, the craziest I’ve ever seen. Theres one were a middle school team acts like he for got the play and the the linemen are all standing up. The center gives the ball to the quarter back and he walks through the defense and starts running to the end zone then scores. But well played, well played!

  • frankus

    why is the title College football game ends in miraculous manner (Video) but the header for the page is insane high school football game…..

  • https://www.facebook.com/christopherscharff13 Chris Scharff

    Why the flying eff do rugby, soccer, or American football have to be exclusive of each other. I for one find all three fun and entertaining. Nobody here has bigger balls because they like one and knock the other. Get over yourselves, Chive.

  • donatovar

    that was some school yard bullsh*
    -Cheeseburger Eddy

  • tom

    Isn’t football the one where you use your foot?

  • beru

    That is called Rugby in the rest of the world and it's like that all the time…. and they don't have to wear helmets.

  • abt

    That was an awesome TRY!

  • Heidigger

    I'm from San Antonio, TX where Trinity University is located. We celebrated this win for a month, it was amazing. It made ESPN's ten top plays of the 2000s. This is a different camera view than the one I'm used to seeing though, and it's much clearer. Great job for finding it in this resolution. Hopefully the UTSA Roadrunners (my Alma Matter) can achieve something almost this cool. Go Tigers, go Runners!

  • Ty_

    All of you Rugby fans are right. Rugby is much superior to American Football.. That's why our NFL is failing so miserably. Why are you so butthurt about our football? I've never heard any American say a bad thing about Rugby. As for the game, there were at least two forward passes past the line of scrimmage and the second to the last lateral hit the turf before the guy caught it. There are better High school teams than these two.

  • Flackbash

    These videos USED TO play, but not anymore.

  • Winiblues

    in Football (or as the yanks call it soccer) you need to be fit, In American football (which the foot on touches the ball for punts) u need to be fat or have short bursts of speed for the running backs. Eat up 'Merica your obesity can make u millions trying to hug a guy.

  • Bob

    So..The announcer confused me… Is the game over?

  • Wipp

    one of my protections programs found a "kit" in this video.

  • tate

    i don't get why this was so impressive all they did was play rugby!

  • 703cadet


  • DIRK Derdson

    Sooo did you not watch the whole video and hear him yell greatest play in College football

  • drew

    really defense u desrive to lose every single one of ur games i mean does anyone on the whole team want to hit someone?

  • gretagravel

    looks like a game of Hot Potato

  • saiahg

    They practiced "hot potato" every day after regular practice only for it to finally pay off in the end!

  • Polska_88

    When was the game over? I don't think I understand when the game was over…

  • Victoria

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