• Ryan C Olson

    that's pretty sweet, but I'd like to see a family of Asian's do that in rush hour…Then I'd be impressed!

    • Josh Gorter

      Anything you can do a 12 year old Asian girl can do better and cheaper.

    • transvestight iyt

      unimpressed drifter

    • hello please


  • WilburWright


    • etcrr

      why not, it gives him a much better view of traffic, which would be safer

      • did I stutter?

        but when he stacks, he has further to fall

  • Huge

    I can see down your blouse.

  • etcrr

    pretty ingenious, higher to see traffice better, lower to ride faster, works for me

  • Black6dog

    I'll take it

  • kaihoro

    yup … in the ass

    • rob


  • Turduckenn

    why do they call it an xbox 360? because when you see it you do a 360 and walk away.

    • Mr. meh

      If you do a 360 you will walk straight to the xbox.. If I see you I will do a 180 and walk away!

    • potro

      a 360? a double 180?

    • shaunvw

      360 FAIL

    • OhOkayThen


  • ME's

    In Russian, de Bike rides you!

    • cahir

      "in soviet russia…"

  • virgil fungaling (@vendetta4life)

    Mind BLOWN! but then again what havent those damn asians invented…

    • Overpopulation

      Birth control

    • duck

      clearly didn't pay any attention to the video.

    • did I stutter?

      big 'ol dicks

  • L_E_Ott

    Woulda liked to see the bike transform without a car in the way, but it looks neat.

    • sean

      did you not watch the whole video..?

  • James

    cold war vet

  • Dave

    Do not let the Hipsters see this!!!!

  • rome


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  • SteelCoffin

    This video is so weak it was not worth posting. Find the shot from the other guy.

  • Bob

    Cool, but, what's the point??

  • bagofchicken


  • Dan

    That would make for one hell of a face plant!!

  • @slemmedved

    A bike that high is practically a death trap.

  • did I stutter?

    I dont see the point of this. Better view? so what

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