Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (40 Photos)

  • Conchan

    #25 Awesome house. Where is it?

  • http://www.vvsmith.com The Mad Zak


    HE CHEATED!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope number 31 is on the chive dating version of the chive cuz dammm

  • http://Thinkattack.com Anonymous

    #34 how about none and retake the pic.

  • Rabbit

    Thanks for all the love 😉 Sooo guess the vote is def no panties next time?! Everyone but the tattoo haters can see – but they won't care, right?

  • HINA

    #36 that guy :3 he needs to pose for the berry

  • Marcis

    #7 im moving to England! #17 soldierettes didnt look like that 4 years ago! #28 #34

  • http://shifted2u.com Paul


    #21. Everyone who is from Poughkeepsie NY has already spent a night in there…its Bennet College on Rt 44. in Pleasent Valley…scariest thing is the grounds keeper who calls the cops of trespassing

  • http://shifted2u.com Paul

    Ooops meant 23….Bennette College, Rt. 44 Pleasant Valley, NY …scariest thing is the grounds keeper who calls the cops of trespassing

  • Paul

    #25…god i suck
    Fuck it go spend the night

  • steve

    Gotta get more from #17 that would be a great Christmas present under the tree…

  • Harry

    Thats my old frat house….we used to party a lot….partied hard….real hard..

  • Darkprince

    #1 Nailed It

  • Harry

    # 25
    I know this place it's called brownstone manner..I book a suite there every year for my wife and me
    looks like they fixed it up and remodeled it. Hope they didn't raise the room rate to much.

  • jay

    #28 is Gemma Atkinson! She’s so bloody hot!

  • SexyChemist

    Nailed it.

  • racist again


  • racist


  • beauty in the rough

    #1 I take it the moon should be between his fingers! Not sure how he knows my dad, but only he could take a picture this off center!

  • Pat

    #7 I bet she takes it like a champ.

  • Dallas

    #34 – it worked. Wikked jealous. Nice tattoo Jane.

  • Eltial

    #25 i love it! Want to buy it.

  • Belle

    #33 is MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ???

      yea.. cool story bro

  • dave o

    y'all going to hell for that one

  • Moarmoarmoar

    Who is #31? Chive. We need Moar of her!

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