How do we all feel about toupees? (30 Photos)

  • Dan Watson

    #27 Jumbo! Represent Youngstown Ohio!

    • Please

      Hey CHIVE can you help me find my App Data folder that was removed by the virus I received from you earlier today? I would greatly appreciate it!

      • All In A Good Day

        My anti virus blocked a something from this site twice today…….

    • jt7

      Don't be a Trafficant be a Traffican!

    • Boardman, Oh

      Dan you from Youngstown? 330 baby!!

    • Mojo

      Hubbard in the hizzy

  • Dan Watson

    Jimbo not jumbo. F’n auto correct.

  • dbolusaf

    there has to be a point where the delusion loses this battle and the guy realizes….this looks like shit

    • Master_Rahl

      I'm convinced if it's not a deluded (or blind) girlfriend, they have someone on the payroll who's job is to LIE right to their faces about the terrible rug on their dome.

  • Yes

    #26 He's wearing more make up than the girls in your "guys like football, girls like taking pictures of themselves in the mirror" post.

    Must use a butter knife to put it on. Probably the same one he uses to glue the toupee.

    • Benali

      You know gay guys like to look good.

    • MrRushing

      It's not his real face.

    • Olivia-Newton J

      That's his wax figure, right? Damn you Scientology! You've stolen Danny Zuko's soul!

  • TylerG_76

    #10 Chad Kroeger?

    • carl

      hahaha, i thought the same thing

    • T Man

      Hahaha thought the exact same thing . Tyler"s think alike

    • Dodith


  • Anonymous

    ha ha he He ho ho!

  • bemilm

    Fun Fact: Sean Connery started losing his hair at the age of 21 and wore a toupee in every James Bond movie.

    • Sweet D

      I believe that was on the chive not that long ago…

    • Jay Costanza

      We all read the movie fun facts too, buddy.

      • Reality

        What a dickhead statement!

    • Guesty

      He pulled it off as well 🙂

    • Krem

      Fun Fact: A toupee wanted to get into the acting business and was struggling to find work until it found Sean Connery who needed to show his badassery as Bond

      • Delakrem

        you're trying too hard to be funny.

  • truf

    blago's is real

  • Donnie

    #2 & #8 just creep me out.

  • GI Joe

    No Sean Connery?? No John Wayne??

    • mitter78

      John Wayne can do whatever the fuck he wants, pilgrim.

  • Herp McDerp

    Says the guy wearing a toupee

  • Bags8888

    #1 Chuck Norris does NOT wear a toupee – that toupee is wearing a Chuck Norris.

    • hello please

      Doesn't work. Sorry dude.

    • 123

      So the toupee is making Chuck Norris it's bitch?

      • Yes

        Yes, that toupee is making Chuck Norris it is bitch…

      • bags8888

        Not THE Chuck Norris. "a" Chuck Norris. Whole different trip people. No one and nothing makes Chuck Norris it's bitch. In fact, bitches LOVE Chuck Norris. I'll let you kids fill in the rest….

    • BigRick69

      Chuck Norris only wears a toupee to remember all the lives he has taken. 1 hair from each victim.

      • dub

        WTF? did i just time-travel back to 2004?

        • Craigery

          Have you seen that "Numa Numa Guy" video? Hysterical!

    • bisonbade

      that toupee is actually in the witness protection program….sure everyone knows its there, but nobody dares go near it

    • Kellen

      Chuck Norris does not wear a toupee, our eyes are too afraid to tell our brain that Chuck Norris doesn't have a full head of hair.

      • Flicka

        Chuck Norris is an NRA spokesman.
        Bruce Lee attacked gunmen with throwing darts.
        Just sayin.

        • Bluto

          Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris. Get over him.

          • brett

            Bruce Lee is dead. Chuck Norris is not. Advantage: Chuck.

            • iherw

              by that reasoning: Freddy Mercury is dead. Justin Bieber is not. Advantage: Bieber. Chivers suck at logic.

            • Bluto

              Bruce Lee is dead
              Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris
              Therefore, Chuck Norris can be killed and will be dead someday, too.

              Quit beating a dead meme.

              • Fawx

                They fought in a MOVIE.
                I know right, were people do that thing called acting and use choreography.

    • Mike

      Chuck Norris does not wear a toupee….Chuck Norris has a full head of hair because the hair would not DARE attempt to escape.

  • Travis

    Is #11 really a toupee??

    • andfukyamoms


      • andfukyamoms

        lots of these aren't

        • SpacemanSpiff

          most of them are head merkins like #22

      • Mike

        you guys realize Burt Reynolds has been 100% bald(on his head atleast) for a very long time.

        • its_forge

          Since before anyone reading this could feed themselves. Yes, even me.

    • Captain Chaos

      Even if it was, the Bandit can wear whatever the fuck he wants.

    • Tomas

      He looks like Kevin Nealon's character, Alon, in "Just Go With It". 😐

    • Hunter X

      Yea it is- Reynolds spares no expense on the quality of his rugs…unlike some.

      • stephen

        Yeah. Gotta weigh in on this… that is the best lookin' toupee i've seen yet. "Hats off" to quality.

    • Tim

      Its actually mustache-transplant hair.

  • Ian

    Who's gonna tell Chuck Norris that a Toupee don't suit him?!?!?!?!?

    • conair24

      chuck norris doesnt were a toupee. its a yak hide skull cap which he fashioned after killing a whole heard with one spinning back kick

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #1 that toupee wears Chuck Norris very well

    • Devin Medrano

      I wasn't even aware he needed one, every modern pic I've seen of him is with his natural hair. I'm calling 'photoshop' on this one.

      • Mandalor

        I was thinking the same thing

    • 123

      How crazy is it that this is the second backwards retarded post like this? If Chuck Norris has on jeans (as he always does) then is Chuck Norris wearing the jeans or are the jeans wearing Chuck Norris? I don't think the jeans are going to dictate the relationship, personally.

      • SpacemanSpiff

        Chuck Norris dictates every relationship

        • Squiggy

          Except with Bruce Lee.

          • louis cattanaccio

            That's Bruce Lee's scalp he's wearing dumbass. When the ifght scene was filmed and cameras shut off, Chuck killed bruce Lee & scalped him. That's why Lee's death was so "mysterious". Big Hollywood coverup.

    • Tyler Durden
    • Frank'n Furter

      It's not a toupee, it's a live wolverine.

  • Akon

    #24 is funny. The rest should just accept it and shave their heads.

    • Underhill

      #6 and #24 both look natural.

  • Devin Medrano

    #14 and #19 deserve to be on the "Celebrities that look like old lesbians" list.

    • Flicka

      I'm not sure Sir Elton would particularly care.

    • Craigery

      Between the two of them, Bret Michaels looks gayer.

      • helkaptah


    • Bill G

      LOOK like?

  • sshuggi

    I don't get why people would use toupees. In most cases being bald makes you look more badass.

    • Jvee Veneracion

      Don't believe him? Ask Walt.

      • Trainwreck92

        I thought about Breaking Bad when I read that too.

    • Flicka

      Seriously. I started losing my hair when I was 23. Never bothered to hide it. I'm 37 now. Anyway, I bit the bullet and shaved my head a couple of years ago and DAMN! If I knew chicks dug the chrome-dome this much, I'd have gone skin fifteen fucking years ago!

      • hockey dude 11

        Flicka – same here, wish I had started shaving my head 10 years earlier. Chicks really do dig it.

        • Mos

          Yup. Started losing hair in early thirties. Shaved it after a couple years. Like they're saying, chicks really, really dig it. I'm sure there are a lot who don't, but the ones who do, Jesus…

          • the other OTHER Jen

            i want to rub my vagina all over that bald head.

  • Nick

    If done right i have no problem with it, come on plenty of women wear wigs. Even if done badly i still don’t have a problem I just think it looks kind of silly like face lifts on old people.

    • Bill Ivory

      I like referring to them as "hair hats".

  • chiver 007

    #13 come on Chive, still think its too soon

    • Althing79

      Oh lighten up. Besides, that toupee' held all his MP3's and could email. Posthumously coming to a wig shop near you.

      • louis cattanaccio

        RIP Peter Orszag, you will be missed

    • Craigery

      Too soon for what? Who do you think this is? It's Peter Orszag.

    • Craigery

      Too soon for what? Who do you think this is? It's Peter Orszag.

      • Althing79

        Oops! I was fooled into thinking by that original comment that it was Steve Jobs. Good catch.

  • Yo Yo Ma

    Blagoyavich (however you spell it) isn't wearing a rug. That's his real hair.

    • @russfarris

      I believe you meant inmate 128764.

      • JOHN

        Clean illinois politics

  • GernBlansten

    May of these have shot past toupee and landed squarely in "bad wig" territory.

  • carl

    #10… is that the dude from Nickleback?

    • Justin

      Nicholas Cage

    • KingDerp

      No that's the dude from leaving las vegas

    • Trainwreck92

      That's the Cagemaster.

  • Froggy

    Trump’s hair is the real deal. Real jacked, but real.

  • Says Says Says I Says Says

    Elton John’s piece is a wig, not a toupee!

    • MrRushing

      I'm sure there is a difference but I don't care to see it.

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