How do we all feel about toupees? (30 Photos)

  • DDD

    #31 YES!

  • pudgetron

    I think you're just jealous of #8 and his luscious head of hair.

  • ryan

    #1 Chuck Norris doesn't wear a toupee, he's just waiting for someone to ask.

  • mau

    #1 impossible the toupee is attracted magneticly to chuck norris

  • Climb

    Maybe I'm just really bad at this, but I can't recognize a toupee for what it is unless it's laughably bad. Like William Shatner in Star Trek. Apparently he wore a toupee the entire series. I never knew until I was told.

  • Fizor

    Rod #18 maybe going to prison for 14 years but that man does NOT wear a toupee! Respect the hair. Not the man.

  • L1000000

    travolta as usual makes it loooooook goooood.

  • b money

    Don’t see a problem, looks perfectly natural. And fuck Bret Michaels. I hate that guy.

  • Natalia

    If it's socially acceptable for women to wear weave, then why can't men wear toupees in peace?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #2 Contrary to popular belief, the Don does not wear a toupee. The only thing he is guilty of is an incredibly bad hair cut. I have seen him answer to questions about his hair, he pulled it up and showed it was his real hair.

    Now, the question I'd like to pose is, how do know if you've ever seen a GOOD toupee? It's easy to spot the bad ones and say all toupees are bad. Some toupees are very convincing.

  • MosSef

    #26 blame Scientology.

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  • The Truth

    A real man shaves his head at the first sign of male pattern baldness! Bald is badass.

  • thomas

    chuck norris after u now…..move!!!!

  • Gary

    Not sure Engblom’s is a toup. That dude’s always had bad hair, even back when he played with the Candiens. He only recently lost the mullet, which used to be epic.

  • rbb

    I knew Jimbo couldn't stay out of the media for long

  • Anonymous

    #1. That’s not a toupee. It’s the rest of his body hair that was scared away from his muscles. Don’t mess with chuck.

  • Frank'n Furter

    Chuck Norris does not were a toupee. That is a live wolverine on his head.

  • RonnieBurgandy

    #1 It’s totally a toupee. Made from the beards of slain dragons. Dragons DID exist. Before Chuck Norris.

  • Chris

    #23: Isn't that a pic of the wife holding the guy with a toupees urn?
    Regardless, I say grow old gracefully and rock what you've got. Vanity isn't for middle-aged men, it's for things that bounce, bra burners, Chivettes, ect.

    • Simon

      Totally agree. If I start to go bald, I'm just shaving it all off and getting it over with.

      I will wear my bare head like a badge!

  • Simon

    Bob has since gone into hiding.

  • Drew

    So you admit it’s needed to some actors to land roles and then you show Cage in a movie? Dumbass.
    p.s. #24 totally convincing.

  • George N. Penesis

    #1 after insulting Chuck Norris, Bob was brutally murdered by his toupee! Dont fuck with Chuck!

  • Joe

    How is Jeremy Piven not on this list? Dude's hairline moves with the tides in every movie/show

  • WTF

    #6 is a toupee?

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