How do we all feel about toupees? (30 Photos)

  • Steve

    damn i was thinking of getting a toupee but maybe not. guess ill save up for hair transplant

  • Marine dad

    Someone asked John Wayne if that was real hair, he answered yes. Just not mine! At least he had the balls to be honest.

  • mavuka

    nicholas cage,wtf?

  • Arnaud

    Toupees ? Where have you seen toupees ?

  • Brad

    Hair can look real. The people doing these should be shot. Go to They do all famous people in boca raton Florida and world wide they flew to Italy to do mine. So ur rite if it's bad hair or a bad hair cutter. It's a shame and so fake. Check the pic. You will see the nov sergical transplant I got is life changing and no one can tell even if they touch my hair line or head. It's so real. Better then real hair it's what I want and I look 20 years better. You ever see a normal bald guy with a hot chick. Not! If u got 100 million go bald. If u got 1 million cash or less. Cuvér that 8 ball or love fat ugly chicks. It's life

    • Will Schmidt

      Your a life saver. I went to the site innovative hair They fleww out to California and in 3 weeks I had my non surgical transplant and it was only 400 bucks. Any half guy check them out. Talk to the owner CJ. He is a rich kid that does this cuz he likes to help people you can feel it as soon as you speak to him. And see it when he makes what he says real. And the dude asked for no money u less I was happy. Thanks for post. It changed my life.

  • Peter

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