• MacTheLad

    Kinda like free running and skating?

  • MacTheLad

    First as well awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Im hungry, but there is no food in the fridge.

  • Anonymous

    As long as he is skateboarding and not driving I’ll watch.

  • rackcity

    Rodney Mullen Jr.?

  • Ed-word

    This is some old school style shit!
    Respect! Much respect.

  • paisley0422

    This guy is the s*&t! Does anyone know who he is? If he isn't pro, he needs to be!

  • KillinTime

    Ninjas + skateboard= that. Was already thinking it at the start but the run up the rail sealed the deal. Nice caveman skills dude.

  • guy

    How much damage have he and his fellow skaters done to someone else’s property. It is not a right to skate anywhere you want. If I came one of those rails with a crow bar and scratched and bent them up, you would calle a vandal. Just because he looks cool doing it doesn’t make it okay.

    • Scott

      Shut up. It’s no diff then developers digging up and cutting down the habitat of animals.

    • pistol

      You suck 9

  • Anonymous

    Always good to see the old stuff, like when Tom Green skates in the openin credits off his odd movie

  • MosSef

    Who the hell is thumbing down the Rodney Mullen comment? It’s a compliment to both, and fairly accurate. Unless you thought Rodney Mullen is a NASCAR driver, which his name does sound like, screw off.

  • Thomas

    This is gou miyagi ( not kidding) he is a super nice dude from Tokyo. And again, did you know that skateboarding surpassed baseball and football as America’s favorite pastime? It is still illegal though. America, fuck yeah!

  • Anonymous

    Destroying property huh? That is the first thing you thought of? Well as someone who used to skate I can truly say how much skill and creativity that guy has. Plenty of people can do rails or nice sets. Not many can even visualize what he can so let alone do it.

  • All methed up

    If Rodney Mullen, Alex Gonzales and mike v’s sperm combined and was planted in the womb of a jap circus perfomer

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  • James

    Classy is as classy does

  • dido


  • Anonymous

    Mad respect. Crazy good style .

  • Chnge
  • Ryan

    Asians amaze me! All the anime shit is real, they just do it subtly

  • veronica

    @ o @ dude…. i tried standing up on one once and fell on my a**. how does he do that!!!???

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  • Cali_Jangi

    dude's amazing

  • Bighau5

    Wax on, wax off

  • Sirgallahad

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Skateboard

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