Paralympian un-paralyzed by crash (10 Photos)

(via NBC Sports)

  • Dorkfish

    never lost her spirit….never gave up…got rewarded….awesome

  • sg


  • MATT


  • ???

    its a Murical

  • jrey81

    that's a truly uplifting story! Best of luck in the Olympics!

  • james

    Worked on The Flintstones

  • T

    Falls in a well, eyes go crossed. She gets kicked in the head by a mule, they go back to normal. I don’t know

    • Jordan

      Good Movie. and the obvious idiot that gave you a negative never saw it. negative erased!

    • Don Dimisa

      Beat me to it

    • Thomas Pickett

      Repetitive post is repetitive.

  • Bezaile

    You know there's a bunch of people in wheelchairs asking their friends to run over them with their bicycle now.

  • Edward

    Good for her, but activities like #9 are just going to make her paralyzed again with one good fall. Smarten up and don't be sliding on ice!!!

    • Thomas Pickett

      Put yourself in her shoes. If you spent that long not being able to enjoy the simple act of walking, let alone the joys of sliding on the ice just for shits and grins, wouldn't you do it just because you can? Be happy for the champ and see the picture for what it is.

    • Craigery

      Maybe she should spend the rest of her life in the wheelchair just to be safe.

  • Bob

    Wow! I love the smile in #9!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, just made me feel like a loser.

  • Jordan

    Sounds like mal-practice to me. Get a lawyer. And congrats on those medals!!!

  • BigCharles

    And people say miracles don't happen!!! Living proof right there!

  • JKMCdermott

    Cool story and she seems wonderfully worthy of the miracle. But Chive, very bad journalism. Where is she from? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, should we start pushing people from their chairs?

    • Grodon

      Google. Try it 😛

  • transvestight iyt

    got legs

  • D.Bag

    she was paralyzed, and now she's climbing Alpe d'Huez? Holy crap. That mountain is the Holy Grail of climbing (on a bicycle, that is).

  • Cal1

    That is brilliant, beyond words

  • Allison

    Absolutely absurdly amazing. She's gonna kick ass

  • midget

    soon to be first to participate in paralympics and olympics in that order? I know there is a PWNED moti-poster in here somewhere…..

  • Ryan D

    beautiful story

  • jassnl

    Unbelievable this girl is from the village i live in. Its a small village in the Netherlands.. pretty cool this ended up here. Its indeed an unbelievable story, back in the days I cycled to school she often passed me with high speed. (those hand-cycles can go fast!)

  • st.legkicker

    Or maybe she could walk all along…….

  • Chance Willeford

    Wish I had arms like that.

  • KeepCalm

    Good for her!
    Reminds me of:

  • Chatan

    Awesome – like a boss!

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