Paralympian un-paralyzed by crash (10 Photos)

(via NBC Sports)

  • Penny Sautereau

    There are no sufficient words for how many kinds of wow this is.

  • Kraig

    It awesome to say the least when your legs work again. I lost the total use of my left leg in s motocross accident and then on the tenth day my toes could move, today over two years later I can run again. Life is full of surprises to say the least. AWEDOME FOR HER 🙂

  • joel

    i wonder what kind of bicycle jesus rides?

  • KorovaMilkbar

    Row Row Fight The Powa

  • anon


  • Name? What name?

    Something isn't right. Judging by her pictures on regular wheelchair, for 12 years she managed to prevent any muscle atrophy – something normal for people not using their legs on daily basis. That's simply impossible, even under physical rehabilitation. My friends rehabilitation, after having both legs broken in accident, took 8 months to full recovery. And he spent only 2 month in waist down cast, not 12 years. And after a year she's doing serious cycling? Yeah, right. Till now she should be learning how to walk again.

  • Justin Cider

    if she get struck by lightning, she'll get superpowers. that is a fact.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, everyone knows that.

  • Larsy From-Marsy

    In New Zealand we have a saying. TUMEKE! Which means Too much! Well done.

  • Wiltz Cutrer

    The info on her web site tells a different story on the paralysis…just as much a miracle….BUT…

  • Name

    Hold on a second…back up…how the hell did a routine surgical procedure on her ankle cause her to be paralyzed from the waist down? I admit, I'm no doctor, but nerve damage in one region of the body isn't something that just "spreads."

  • Anonymous

    Now she can feel it when i lick in between her toes

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  • Aglailton

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  • شات عراقنا

    thank you

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