Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

  • fap

    Caturday Plz????

    • AZE

      turd.. hehe

    • JAFitC

      Dude, it's free. They can call it what they want. When you provide it, you can name it.,

  • fap

    #27 fucking funny

    • Matt

      Yay! I finally get a cat Saturday picture published, and someone likes it!!

    • garo

      s(cat)ic electricity :DD

    • JAFitC

      I am SO trying this.

    • Ling

      I think this is one of the few cat pictures that I have actually laughed out loud at.

  • fap

    3rd. FAP FAP FAP.

    • bob lee swagger

      You're…fapping to a cat? Really?!

      • @Dustint011

        No, I think he is refering to his own name and the fact that he had the first three posts. Which is also funny because then he gets to put "fap fap fap"

    • JAFitC

      Ah, Grasshopper! You have found the answer to the Zen koan, "What is the sound of loneliness?"

  • Phil McKraken

    #15 Damn hippies

    • Black6dog

  • MattKL

    #4 Tankcat laughs at your puny nation-states!

    #9 SOON.

    #26 "Bitch." "Pussy."

  • MylesofStyles

    When I said I wanted to start the weekend off with a little pussy, this wasn't what I meant… #16

  • os99


    • Fidel

      Chuck testa

  • louis cattanaccio

    #6 should be on the best photos of the week because those shirts are difficult to obtain and the cat has one.

    • bob lee swagger

      They're going for $30 on ebay right now, they're not THAT hard to get a hold of.

      • The Chive


    • Normal guy

      I have one….too emberrased to wear the stupid thing

      • 4789

        then there's hope for you yet.

  • Andy Drake

    I wanna see more of the girl in #20

    • Fidel

      Jail bait dude

      • Screwhead317

        Maybe for you old man but for us young folk, shes perfect.

        • Kellen

          She's really cute, it's just a shame she has that stud on an otherwise flawless face.

          • Kory Korky Shopp

            disagree. the stud makes it better

            • frankus

              disagree with your disagree.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #26 That awkward moment when the light is flipped on and you suddenly realize who you've been kissing.

    C'mon, you know you've been there.

  • Frank

    #11 You're doing it right.

  • VanIsleChiver

    #7 … You ROCK!

    • Laurie

      I hope she keeps him!!!

      • TJ_Designs

        She's kinda cute too… can we see more… (not talking about the cat)

      • Patches

        Yeah because the real owner probably won't miss it at all.

        If it's that cuddly and well behaved, chances are it's not a stray – it's someone's pet who happened to wander into a crazy woman's yard.

        • nayala

          The cat had stitches, i couldnn't let it wander around getting it more infected, so i just took it for a night because the animal shelter was closed. The owner called in the next day

          • BloodScrubber

            Good for you!

          • somebloke

            You are awesomes!

          • captain obvious

            we need more like you

          • Chode

            except that it probably would have went right back home within the hour, instead it got stuck in some random's house while the real owners actually did begin to worry about infections, not knowing why the cat never came back like it usually did.

    • bud

      crazy cat lady in 30 years

  • LoupFer
    • Benninj

      Close but different jaw line.

    • Black6dog

      Can't tell, not enough boobs showing for this one

  • Griz

    I hate it when I meow at cats and they dont meow back. 

    Unbelievably rude. 

  • Guest

    #7 sooooo you just stole some little girls cat…….

    • Kellen

      If you love something, let it go … if it comes back when it's hungry, it's a cat.

    • huubahuub

      somebody is probaly missing that cat idd

    • guest66

      if it doesn't have a collar, keep it!!

  • Tony

    For no wrinkles, be sure to hang your cat after washing….

  • Woody

    i'd like to rub noses with #14

    • El_Hefe

      i would too… the cat is cute

  • Chubby

    #13 so true

  • BigCharles

    Why would anyone want to see photo's of cats…put pictures of something like manly dogs on there…or more half naked women….come on chive, really?

    • Hugh Hefner

      Part of the charm of theChive man !

    • Laurie

      BigCharles – Not all Chivers are men. If you want to see naked women, then surf some porn. Leave the Chive alone, they're doing just fine!

    • @mizdictator

      I'm a crazy cat lady, the fact that the internet and the Chive like featuring cats makes my Saturday every Saturday!

      • BloodScrubber

        Besides, who said soulmates can't have tails. 😉

      • Cat

        Can I move into your nose with Booger? That thing is huge.

  • Hungoverlikeabitch

    Yea..ha. Thanks mister obvious

  • Anonymous

    I hate cats

  • Fatguy
  • Fatguy

    Yeah, Hemmingway in #11!

  • Frank'n Furter

    I hate cats. The Berry should have cat Saturday. The chive should do DOG Saturday!

    • Patches

      I am so unsure of my own sexuality that I must prove it by only liking certain types of animals! If I like the wrong types some might think me a homosexual!

      • NotSoFast

        No need to be mean….

      • Frank'n Furter

        Sorry you think your sexual preference is determined by animals. I hate cats. Big deal. I love pussy.

      • Frank'n Furter

        Sorry Patches that you think your sexual preference depends on liking a breed of animal. I just hate cats but I love pussy!

        • Heather1001

          You are the one who thinks men can't like cats.. You said it in your original post, dumb ass!

          • Harrison Walsh

            dogs are cooler

    • @mizdictator

      Why not leave Caturday alone and just include Dog Sunday?

      • Dog

        Can I move into your nose with Cat and Booger?

  • Homer

    Freakin cats??? WTF??? Hike your skirt Chive.

    • Tinkerer

      Actually, anyone who doesn't like pussy should hike theirs. "Freakin cats??? WTF??? Hike your skirt Chive."How fucking old are you? Is this fourth grade? I suppose you think all cats are girls and all dogs are boys too?

      I don't wanna go overboard or anything, but I think anyone who doesn't like cats and wants everyone else to share their illogicality should suck a .45 and stroke the trigger. Is that really too much to ask?
      God I need breakfast…

      • Frank'n Furter

        Anyone who doesn't like cats should shoot themselves? Sounds more like third grade. Sheesh.

    • Ling

      theChive does this every week. It's not like there's a surprise cat post every now and then that gets manly men in a froth…Cat Saturday is going to happen on a regular basis. Each Saturday. Cat Saturday.

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