Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (34 Photos)

Are you a hot girl? Are you in the middle of nowhere? Send your pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • 703Keydet

    #8 Will you marry me please?… Can you please find her ?

  • Ross Kalmbach

    #11 Need I say moar?

  • Anonymous

    #30 is unreal. Might be the hottest woman ive ever seen

  • don. t.

    Beautiful, all of u

  • SockMoney17

    #1 #32. Had to stop and look at them awhile

  • SMK

    I need a “keep calm, chive on” shirt. That’s the one thing I told my old lady I wanted! WHEN???????

    • PapaB


  • Anonymous

    Less models more chivettes please…

  • Eric

    #23 If she WERE to pull the trigger, the shot would probably tear the top of her shoulder off.

    • mitch

      the next picture is her crying and crawling out of the pond

  • stukesm4

    #30 #31 moar.

    • cr1min4l

      #31 is Susan Coffey. Yum!

  • Chris

    #27 PERFECT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Number 28 wow!!!!!

  • Tommy

    #33 A Stunner! May we have a shot of her looking into the camera? PLEASE?!

  • Hugh Hefner

    Easy to spot a horny photographer……"ok now I want you to sit on that rock and spread your legs, Yea thats it! ". #6

  • Rob

    Id give my left nut for 30 or 34.

  • armyguy83

    #29 I got my bitch a fish, bitches love fish..

  • Chive_Geek

    #11 and #15
    I love hair bras.
    That's why I bought this battery-powered fan.

  • Jim


  • Psymon Gallows

    Agreed, 10 and 11 are gorgeous.

  • R2G Fan

    #21 #34 Simply beautiful.

  • Dave

    I think there needs to be a post purely made up of hot girls in white pants.

  • Anonymous

    Number 10, my day will be better knowing there is beauty like that in the world.

  • TylerG_76

    #33 Find Her, Chive. Please!

  • Dylan

    If #23 fires, doesn't look like that would end well for her

  • Jordan

    #30 pls find her

  • dano

    #1…damn nice bewbs for a skinny gal…MOAR!! #15…Bewbs, long hair, and camel toe…it DOES NOT get any better than this! MOAR of this stunning beauty please!

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