Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (34 Photos)

Are you a hot girl? Are you in the middle of nowhere? Send your pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • bkfrijoles

    #10 B-E-A-U TEA-FULLL

  • etcrr

    #29 she's fishes pretty good, she already has me hook line and sinker

  • eyecandyforoldladies

    What a bunch of beautiful Ladies…Thanks Chive..Chivettes are tops

  • Age Real

    #31 Beautiful

    • cr1min4l

      Susan Coffey. You're welcome.

  • CalAb13

    #13 Ok now show us the pic from the other shore!



  • T

    Wow… 30 is… Wow…!

  • chivingchiver

    #30 By far the most beautiful

  • Chivin'

    #11 …. 2 Weeks In A Row. It's time to bring her in boys…. I know for a fact that she lives in LA.

  • Anonymous

    #11,27,30 are to die for.

  • Anonymous

    Many beauties! However rib cages are not sexy! A few of you could use a sammich.

  • flying_pope

    #15 better feed that thing before it eats her shorts!

  • Guest

    I really really really really really really like girls
    yeah I really really really really really really like girls"
    -George Thorogood

  • Katman

    #30 takes the cake

  • goober

    #11 find her please!

  • conair24

    #18 this definitely belongs in awkward poses

  • Maverick



    Absolutely Gorgeous

  • Rdnckff

    # 26 and #33


  • Tom

    #30 may be the most gorgeous girl ive ever seen. MOAR, REPOST. FIND HER. ECT!

  • coolaid

    #2 wanna her.. she can call me when ever she wants..

  • Anonymous

    First is the worst. Im 85. Or some where around that number.

  • ebo

    #9 and #34
    Love blondes!!!

  • PapaB

    hot girls in the middle of no where should do a sexy competition with Sexy Chivettes. . . I think my eyeballs wouold expode. It would be a good death though

  • Dubvchiver

    13, quick look out behind you! 23 will you marry me?

  • drksdr


    Is that Susan Coffey gone blond?

    not sure I want…

    • cr1min4l

      Yes, it is. She should stick to red hair, for sure.


    Who is #30?

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