Special forces part 2 in high-res

  • etcrr

    Whether, American, British, Austrailian, Canadian or any other SPF outfit, As an enemy, it would make me think twice about stirring up shit

  • P90

    #14 In any other country the Royal Marine Commandos and the Parachute Regiments Pathfinder Platoon would be considered Special Forces, but in typical British understatement they are classed as conventional forces.

  • Franklin1138

    Anyone know what nationality the dudes in #2 and #41 are?

    • Schuultz

      They appear to be Afghanis. When you look at the right shoulder of the soldier in #41, you can just barely see their flag.

    • Licantrope69

      #2,#21,#41 Afghan Special Forces, Recon Commando (Trained by USSF/US75thRangers/USMP/Italian Regiment "Col Moschin"

  • Mac


    he will kill you and everyone you know and love.

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