Signs full of ‘WTF’ (30 Photos)

  • rabble

    Monroe, Louisiana #27

  • Charles Barkley


    This photoshop is turble, just tuuuuurrrrrbbble.

    • Guest

      I can't find it anymore but it's from a website, you type in the restaurant name and the rest and it come up on the sign.

  • Casey

    #16 Shopped

    • Hotsauce101

      How can you tell? Is it the pixels or your experience? Or perhaps both?

  • racist

    racistracist where are the black girls . this site is so racist

    • TJ_Designs

      You must've missed the all black girls post which shut down the internet… It was epic. Plus this is about signs… I dont see how you can have signs with race

      • Here you go


    • rodolfo

      No question where the Trolls are!

  • racist

    racist where are the black girls . this site is so racist

  • bkfrijoles

    #30 i'd go there

    • kazyctn

      It's actually pretty good…

  • Whiskey Pete

    #8 I don't get it

    • Franklin1138

      Go watch the Terminator movies and report back to us with your findings.

  • C-DURP

    #18 also known as awesome wrapped awesomeness

  • zak0622

    #7 I pity the stool. Classic.

  • Needle

    There is all kinds of what-tha-fuckery going on in here.

  • CalAb13

    #30 Ill have what theyre having

  • Bob

    #12…I'm far more interested in the phone hanging from the tree.

  • vent187

    #2. I have that sauce. Its pretty damn hot.

  • Mr. K

    I live down the street from #30. They have awesome names for the pizzas:
    Doggy Style- all meat
    Serpent’s Kiss- chicken and garlic etc.


    I walked into #1 and asked the clerk for a " XANAX ON RYE " and he said he only had the xanax… haha

  • Stick

    #27 is normal practice, I do't see what's so WTF about it.

  • Master_Rahl

    #7 anyone else hear the theme song in their head?

  • Master_Rahl

    #12 that's false advertising

  • Franklin1138

    I went to #15 to see if it was legit. Probably the shittiest looking website I've ever been to in my life.

    • jimmer

      It's legit – and I dated the one-on-the-right's daughter

  • lamhchops

    #8…so it begins.

  • Jimmer

    #15 dated the right one's daughter. Awwww yeahhhhhh

  • Mackin

    Maybe I'm just cranky on a Monday, but too many of these are more "meh" than WTF:

    #5:looks like there's something covered by the plants explaining this;
    #9: likely a tall public building with PUBLIC restrooms on the ground and observation floors:
    #22: seems legit;
    #25: Yep, these businesses exist, it's like pizza delivery, sometimes it's convenient to have a service brought to you:
    #27, so no Muscle shirts

  • Quinners1357

    I made the Chive!!!! woo hoo#1 is mine, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. You really could get a Pastrami on rye with a side of oxi

  • Curtis J

    #17 London Ontario chivers FTW!!

  • bemilm

    #30 Pizza Orgasmica is frickin' awesome. *And* they make their own beer. What's not to like?

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