The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • LTBeas

    Shes so Amy Winehouse

    • EasternCanuck

      Funny… i was thinking the exact same thing, minus the drugs and alcohol… I think…

      • pjsupremex

        def. not minus the drugs and alcohol.

        • David The Irish

          does tons of cocaine.

    • St.Christopher

      She is this centuries, Marilyn Manson.

      • jjj

        Yea i heard she got some ribs removed so she could suck her own dick

    • The Queeeen

      How dare you.

    • Dirty Dingus


    • Jesse Waters

      She's not dead… yet.

      • andrea

        minus the talent

  • EasternCanuck

    From hot to not… so much beauty potential… all thrown away for millions of dollars. Oh well… she wins

    • Nick Bakke

      Agreed, She used to be so beautiful!

    • swenka

      She jumped on the "I'm different and that's OK" money train at the right time.

    • abcdefg

      Never was hot.

      • David The Irish

        this. people here need to get standards.

    • Chris Moltisanti

      Is it so hard to imagine she might dress/look normal in her spare time? Or do people think that the members of Kiss watch TV in full makeup?

      • EasternCanuck

        From some of the stuff I read (its on the internet so it must be true), she is a full whacky 99% of the time.

        • Poseur

          you can't be that gullible……

          • Paul

            this girl has taken a lot of drugs on her way to being famous. couple that with achieving the fame and i think s crew or two just came loose.

  • Yes

    This chick is insane.

    • No She Ain't

      "pretending" to be insane.

  • specv44

    couple of those pictures make her look attractive, but then i remember…

    • Dylan

      yeah, oh wait, she has a penis…

      • LG love horses

        Is she hung like you?

  • Damian

    What an ugly looking man.

  • Will

    So…she was always weird then?

  • All methed up

    I like lady gaga to be honest. It nice to have a breath of fresh different air in this age of stereotypical music that all sound the same with ppl that all look te same even if that fresh air is batshit crazy

    • _COWBOY

      Soooo you prefer people that dress up in bloody tampons…you dirty hipster!

    • The_Dood

      If you want real/new/good music you just have to look a little harder. There's plenty of it out there. And it's nowhere near this attention whore…

    • j22

      you know why you have so many thumbs down? bc everyone is hipster and doesnt know it. They don't like her precisely because she's popular. I don't listen to gaga, dont have albums. But if you cannot recognize the talent she has, you're blind.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        I agree that she can sing….. that doesnt make her music good…… any song with the words "disco stick" in it, should be burned….. with fire. o_o

      • jaime

        Agreed. At least she writes her own music. Not very common in high profile entertainers anymore. I understand that some people find her outfits annoying but, what the hell, it's just spectacle- no need to take it personally.

        • Elton John

          "she writes her own music."

          I'm so sick of hearing people say this. Who gives a toss if she writes her own songs if they end up sucking more cock than I do?

        • common sense

          "At least she writes her own music."

          and it fucking sucks. and?

          • and?

            and she makes millions, and?

            • Lokobo

              So did Bernie Madoff

              • Shim

                Bernie Madoff didn't make money, he stole money.

          • its_forge

            Still makes it better than pop songs written by some white asshole in a $4000 suit sitting in an office suite on the 45th floor overlooking Madison Avenue, who churns out turd after turd and sends them to every little chickie singer everywhere on the charts, here's a country-pop tune for Taylor, here's a vaguely-sexy bubblegum-pop song for Selena, here's a vaguely-R&Bish one for Nicky, on and on and on, for each of them to sing through a Tunemaster and kachunk, kachunk, kachunk it's like printing money. At least Stefani's not *fully* part of the pop shit factory American music has become. She's only *partly* part of it. LOL

    • abcdefg

      She sounds like everything else on the pop charts.

      • Jules-CO

        ….She pretty much is the pop charts. That might explain it.

        • its_forge

          Yeah I think it's possible Gaga puts something out and then the everybody-else machine grabs it and produces 20 or 30 more songs that sound just like it, and that's part of why everything is so shitty. I mean it was all so obvious when the 90s started out and we had a whole shitload of great new-ish bands and then by 1996 all we had were bands who kinda sounded like Pearl Jam. And then after that all we had were bands who kinda sounded like Tool. And then after that all we had were bands that kinda sounded like Limp Bizkit. And so on.

    • Eh...

      Dude…breath of fresh air she is not. She is merely occupying the vacuum left in music entertainment by Madonna. Think people…You've been getting your music spoonfed to you and led to believe that something popular and cool. Look back at the past 20 years of music. Everyone today fills some type of vacated role.

      • The Dude

        Well Put! I've been saying that she was just a charachter created by the record label to replace Madonna. It's all Bullshit folks and it's bad for ya!

    • Truth

      Successful troll is successful,

    • Mankini

      Please tell me you are kidding? She sounds like everyone else.

    • Johnny Bloom

      And she is by no mean new and original… It's been done many times before.
      Stil crap though

    • mn dude

      Are you out of your mind? My guess is you were being extremely sarcastic.

    • Dave

      It's a messed up society that associates being "unique" with deliberately looking bizarre. Just because something is strange, doesn't make it trendy. I agree that music has become sterile, cheap and interchangable, but surely going out of your way to be as different and strange as possible is just as bad.

      If artists want to differentiate themselves from the usual rabble, try putting on some clothes, dance like you're not miming an orgy or having a stroke and branch out musically.

      It's sad that it has come to the point where people are so desperate to be different that they'll idolise anyone or anything simly because it's out of the norm.

      It's a shame really, she has a good voice and her music isn't terrible. If only the rest wasn't so distracting…

    • PO2 Willie

      if you want a 'breath of fresh air' try Nightwish or some other band with a style that is hard to define and not on the pop charts.
      Lady Gaga is just this generations Madonna, her music is entertaining for 5 minutes and highly forgettable there after. the only thing keeping her relevant is that she is so strange.

      • its_forge

        Don't be a hipster, not-on-the-charts doesn't automatically equal good, nor does on-the-charts equal bad.

    • mzzzzz

      well i dont think lady gaga its "different" i mean yes she dress weird but the music its the same like all the crappy hip hop now

    • adt

      Except there's nothing new or original about anything she has ever done. So, she is, in fact, that stereotypical music.

    • its_forge

      +1 She's certainly not original or anything but I think part of whatever message she's attempting is that pop stars are turned out of the business offices in New York City on a production-line basis and they're all identical and so is all their music, and her weirdness is a sort of protest to that, to say nothing of a look at me look at me look at me that keeps the idiot suits happy because the more attention people pay to her, the more music she sells. I really don't understand everyone's hate for her at all. You know what I do hate though is Nicky Minaj and all the other wannabes that suddenly thought wearing weird shit and acting all freaky would make us notice them without noticing hey, you're just copying this other weird bitch, and furthermore your music SUCKS! I mean at least Stefani's stuff is vaguely listenable.

  • Ben

    #23 —-> #24 unbelievable evolution…

    • Oblivious

      #23 is the in between. #22 is the before.

    • Calli

      Those are out of order. They were both posted on her Facebook page. The one on the left is more recent. She just woke up. The one on the right is before an appearance.

  • Yucky

    The gays will move on to someone else and she will be irrelevant.

  • Master_Rahl

    interesting, under all that bat-shit-craziness, she's hot. errr, was. well, alright alright alllright

  • 640287

    TheChive = Hollywood whore blog

  • Guse

    #5 is pretty cute

    • black27696

      *was ftfy

    • Da Sandman

      shopped the absolute shit out of it

  • frank


  • SpacemanSpiff

    Gotta catch'em all

  • anonomouse

    For a pretty woman that looks very popular, she complains way to much about being picked on and bullied. It seems to me she is using the picked on people for popularity.

    • black27696

      People pick on me! (See I'm just like you! Buy my album.)

  • rikooprate

    Still scary…

  • gaga

    wasnt she a man?

    • Daith_Lee

      "That ain't no woman! It's a man, man!"

    • ThornyDevil

      People who say that usually are jealous and/or want to fuck her.

    • NaNamyNam

      If it was serious question.
      No she wasnt.
      Lets just say she is damn crazy woman… <_<
      Hope someone one day knocks some sense into her.
      Come on these silly costumes and shiz ….

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #3 #5 #6

    Seriously? What happened…..

    • Max L


    • thanman

      Drugs… Drugs happened.

    • adt

      She was fuck ugly to begin with

  • poppajo8

    Ugh! What's next? A picture-thread on Madonna?

    • Guse

      Maybe. But kudos on popping in here to voice your opinion. The thread just wouldn't be the same without poppajo8's 2 cents.

      • poppajo8

        Thank you!

    • Plurp

      YES. In all her unshaven glory!!!

  • Rudy

    keeping in mind that evolution is typically marked by forward progress of a species I have to say that this is in no way evolution

  • chicago

    #30 …not sure if its her, because its a nice picture: a decent looking girl, a drink and a piano – just how Music should be made.

    • j22

      lol. that is exactly how she makes all her music. The dance stuff is added after.

      • concur


  • chive on

    see kids… this is what happens when u do drugs

  • wha?

    "Oh my GaGa, what a long nose you have!"

    "All the better to do coke with, dear!"

  • Steverino

    Bat shit crazy but talented as hell. Just like my ex-wife…

    • Paisly

      ok, i'll bit. how is she talented "as hell"? and don't say because she plays the piano(millions do, including myself, and her piano playing is mediocre at best) or because "she writes her own songs"(because they still suck).

      • its_forge

        Compared to the other shit out there she's fucking Leonardo da Goddamn Vinci.

  • misanthropetb

    If she'd go back to her natural hair color and knock it off with the freaky ass outfits, she might be considered kinda cute. She looked her best in #4 and #5.

    • its_forge

      She caaaaaaaaaaaaaaares what you thiiiiiiinnk of heeeerrrrr while she sits on that pile of MONEY.

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