The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • rtype107

    were these photos always taken on Halloween?

  • Alex McGlone



    She is ugly as shit, but she is pretty good at what she does….no doubt

  • Joe

    She's naturally talented with a great vocal range, but was smart enough to realize that you can rise to the top quicker of you present yourself as a freak show.

  • Tommy

    #12 FIND this cute friend….
    The G-ah….Really? I agree she did look fairly decent at one time and the lady can sing. Just don't cover up all the talent with silliness. More isn't always better; It's just more…..

  • Anonymous

    Should be the de-evolution of Lady Gaga. She looks great in #3 though!

  • Tommy

    #21 is BEGGIN' for a photo-shop modification……Come on Someone Help me out here!

  • Taco_Depot

    Think she started losing it at #21 or #22 — admittedly a couple of those there in the middle would have kept me interested.

  • Kujo

    #13 #18 I’d hit it

  • jhoratio

    Eyebrows…they matter

  • Wash

    Kinda want to give marilyn manson another listen to since they look the same.

  • drewplp

    #5 #7 It's the bangs! The bangs did it!

  • Brayden

    Ah what the hell. She used to be kinda hot. Damn you heroine! *shakes first*

    • Bob

      Yeah I hate those female protagonists too. They ruin everything!

  • rick ross

    I'd be so disappointed if that was my daughter. Not even man, just f'n disappointed.

  • bkfrijoles

    what the fuck happend

  • 123

    Ah, yes, just another day browsing the Chive and reading Lady GaGa posts…wait…what the fuck?

  • Nick Luckner


  • B Line

    #3 she was really cute…..

  • Josh

    You can see the crazy start kicking in after #5

  • etcrr

    In every picture from start to finish you can see how she went down hill, It's a shame

  • ezhammer

    which pics are pre-op and which are post?

  • Mike

    She's such a rip-off! Her music sounds so much like Madonna it isn't funny and people are lapping it up like starving puppies. Hello! Madonna did all that like, 20-30 years ago! Think Madonna on acid and that's Gagging, I mean GaGa. I don't know if I blame the music listening and buying public or her for being such a clown and rip-off. Close call!

    • SocialLubricant

      Lots of people enjoy what she does. She undoubtedly enjoys all the money she's making and it's pretty clear she enjoys being a spectacle, too. So we have two parties, her fans and herself, enjoying stuff. Why so much anger toward people who like things that don't live up to your standards or for those who provide the material that these people like? Perhaps some smug sense of superiorty would be in order, but I don't get the anger.

      Unless you're like 15 or something. She would have pissed me off when I was 15.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #14 Appendix scar. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just sayin…. I guess she is human…

    • Guse

      What's her appendix doing way the frak up there and on the left side of her body?

      • MacNCheesePro

        So she isn't human…..

  • toby

    I kinda would!!!!

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