The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • malacoda

    This should be entitled the De-volution of lady gaga……

  • Anonymous

    I’d bukake that.

  • cstory

    I'd hit.

  • Bill

    Nasty and completely over rated…Bubble gum pop music for homo's

    • xxwhodatxx

      I agree who cares about this no talent POS

  • fred

    wow. GaGa, don't quit your day job

    • p

      Actually Fred as much as I hate to admit it, she’s got a fuck ton of talent. Writes all of her own music/lyrics and uses no autotune. Name any other current pop artist like that… Ya can’t.

      She still blows

  • CalAb13

    Not my kinda music but I must admit the lady seems to have talent. Saw her on Dave Letterman one night and she was bright, funny, engaging (altho she rarely looked at him which I found odd)

    So how did we get from #5 to meat dresses?

  • Anonymous

    She was sexy.. her tits are gross and she should play in marilyn manson

  • Beetlebum

    She's a good lookin' fella.

  • Allenavw

    #7 Absolutely love her hair in this picture! She may be freaky as shit, but she's got undeniable talent.

  • Anonymous

    I’m unique! I’m unique! Ahhh, crap, I’m Madonna…….

  • mickdeck

    I hate her more and more every day

  • Googoo

    Manufactured this way!

  • darnelllllll

    Born this way my ass…

  • Merv

    #4 #5. After that it went terribly wrong

  • cisco

    soooo… she went from being a hard 8 to being an easy 2?

  • Tripod

    At what point did she grow a peter?

  • LalaaFace


  • Andy Drake

    She was actually quite attractive. Emphasis on “was”.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a man!

  • Pete

    Interesting. There are also some shots of her at a few Phish shows… To bad ya didn't find those.

  • no one

    she turned herself into stupid whore/bitch

  • CzarCzarBinks

    so the freakshow begins. #1

  • Dave

    #3 …at her cutiest…all down hill from here

  • force king

    shes no looker is she

  • 30aught6

    #3 what the hell happened?

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