The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • detune

    wow, in the past she used to be a very hot and attractive girl.
    what happened?

  • JOHN

    Am I the only one who thinks that none of these pictures are attractive? and that she's a horrible "musician" that epitomizes the degradation of American culture in respect to the arts? and that the fact she writes her own music doesn't make up for the fact that the lyrics are horrible, almost as horrible as her voice? Just wondering

    • thebluebull

      Dude….alot of bands have lyrics that make no sense…look at red hot chili peppers…you type in a few of their lines on word and spell check has a seizure…but they still kick ass….so it doesn’t matter what it’s like to you…it’s what the majority thinks

  • haahhaaaaaaa

    when did she grow the nutsack?

  • http://kelly colin

    Dam john ya on the rag bud?

  • collin

    its crazy… ive never seen someone get so progressively less attractive… meth is one hell of a drug

  • CrookedCulture

    She is truly poisoned by her ego…

  • northerner

    #19, Nice legs! What happened between the early and now shots was asked. Most likely, greed or the intense desire to be a success, no matter the cost of personal integrity. Sad drivers those can be.

  • D-Rex

    She was pretty hot before she joined the circus.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if its just me… but these posts SUCK.
    I have been a chiver for 3 years. And everyday it gets worse
    and worse. Come on guys!

  • pladi

    fucked her before she was famous

  • Garbo

    Picture 19, proves she's a man, I think I see a PEN15 !!!

  • Cherry

    That guy looks terrified :p

    • mouchette

      He looks beyond pstched-Timberlake's a douche.

  • Medium00Rare

    No meat dress? For shame…

  • Ltrain

    Man- the Chive Nation is old and cranky today… Same people who used to jam to Cyndy Lauper, Boy George, David Bowie, and Queen all of a sudden take themselves so seriously that they can’t break there old assed down and just dance and for godssake enjoy a fucking pop song? Go fuck yourselves- stop commenting on American culture like you’re so relevant, keep calm, have some friggin fun, and fuckin chive on.

  • Jazzyjeff

    Hey pladi I wouldn’t be proud to have fucked this dude. I mean this post was of a dude right

  • Ltrain

    Sorry about the rant- unwarranted pretentiousness drives me bat shit.

  • antrid

    So from an attention whore to an attention whore?

  • MrGone

    from sort of cute girl to Marilyn Manson in a few short years

  • Russell

    How did she run out of good material for her songs so quickly? Such a huge disappointment. Instead she became more like Madonna.

  • Pres Obama

    What a slut!

  • dleto

    what a douche.

  • Peepee

    I agree, Obama is a douche.

  • Anonymous

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Your mom

    Quit being pussiess, Id fuck her, and if your any kind of man you would to. Dont pretend to have standards assholes.

  • Retoñao

    SHE WAS SO FUCKABLE, id still hit that anyway

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