The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • jake

    #14 I always knew she would be so much better looking if she didn't cake all that makeup on and wear those ridiculous outfits

  • Anonymous

    She’s so hot without all that bullshit.

  • Anon

    From shy girl to multi-millionaire. I'll do that transformation if all I have to do is wear a dress made of prosciutto. :/

  • Mikey

    Somewhere between #6 and #10 somebody hit her in teh pooper without asking

    • Joe

      I honestly didn't know I was supposed to ask.. I'm almost sorry, almost..

  • bwaggger

    Something traumatic must have happened between #6 and #7 that made her whack. Like a death of a relative, Bush getting elected president…something.

    • OWS

      It's always Bush's fault, when all else fails and you suck at life, blame Bush..

  • Dolfan0925

    Why did I even come in here?

  • Paul

    She was actually pretty.I don't kno why she decided to go—the way she is now

  • gfy

    half the girls on this site have no talent besides having a nice plastic surgeon, eating disorder and daddies that didnt love em…most hotties=personality of a pet rock…"I get what i want…I'm hot"…gaga's getting paid and paid WELL…dont get me wrong…I'd sleep with 90% of the girls on the site but thats about it…half the cats talking about…find her, i'd merry her…blah blah blah…if gaga was standing in front of you birthday style with a bottle of jack saying come get this…you would…haters

    • gfy

      and i'm not talking about the jack

  • OneEndedStick

    #24 Cruella DeVill, Cruella DeVill…

  • Max Power

    Each picture in her mind she realizes she needs to sell out and copy other songs and make every track a dance theme in order to become a media whoring "superstar".

  • angelcurry1077

    She is so beautiful. Sad she feels the need to hide it.

  • Erik D

    She went full retard and succeeded at life. I don't understand how life can be so unfair

  • tank

    wow, what a Corthless Wunt

  • Dbn326

    3,4 and 5 she looks amazing… To bad she is a freak now!

  • Hannah

    She was so pretty as a brunette! And then she went Batshit crazy…

  • Loyal chiver

    Sorry saggy little titties

  • Jimbo

    She's just like an expensive wine. Just gets better as the years go by.

    • Shwetank

      y u no on comedy show? u funny bro..! :p

  • Da Sandman

    so she's been a whore her entire life..

  • Tom

    Buh buh buh butterface, buh buh butterface….

  • Outlaw73

    #25 .. Lady Gaga was Marilyn Manson ..?

  • the rhino

    “She is so beautiful?” WTF people? This buck toothed beast is freaking gross. From #1 to as many photos as you can take, she is a nasty trainwreck who makes garbage music. I’m leaving now to Brillo these images from my eyes.

  • PubicJones

    That's what happens when you fuck with hipsters.

  • Bob

    Except for the weird facial spike things, I don't think I've seen her look unattractive. And if you are going to say you wouldn't hit that, you're just lying to yourself. I bet though, that she is not all that exciting in bed. Rarely does anything live up to that much hype. Oh and #10 and #14, holy sweet jesus that is a fine looking chick.

  • Samantha Kristal

    #13 She needs to go back to looking like that. She actually looks like a decent, pretty girl here.

  • matt

    #3 #4 she actually looks good here. Cocaine's a helluva drug.

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