The evolution of Lady Gaga (32 Photos)

  • Thunder

    Amazing, she was actually pretty until she became famous!

  • Guesty

    anyone look for a penis?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like shes got downsyndrome

  • Simon

    Up until #5 it was nice, then … a lot of bad choices.

  • Anonymous

    Amazing… From super cute, the dumb looking guidette, to fucking smoking hot, to goddamn weird…

  • its_forge

    Just a nice Italian girl from the Upper West Side.

  • SarahEve

    Actually it proves that she has always had a strong, albiet bizarre, fashion sense. I always thought those crazy outfits were dreamed up by some producers trying to give her an image. I actually have more respect for her now.

  • Saxxi

    #22 on right you can see Shah Rukh Khan, one of the most renoun actors of Bollywood 😀

  • mask man

    yeah this woman annoys me…. she's not "batshit insane" she uses her different way of dressing to spread publicity. she has some talent, but just as much as lots of people and not as much as lots more. her music sounds just the same as other pop culture shit. she's a good business woman, that's all.

  • Alpha0010

    #24 Cruella DeVille?

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