• MacTheLad

    Damn awesome!

    • MacTheLad

      First again !

      • MrEff

        Grats on being a tool twice? I guess?

  • anon

    CTFxC FTW.

    • Matt

      It's nice to see a fellow CTFxCer here. Rock on!

  • Owen Smithers

    Freedom. It's an amazing and fragile thing. So much of that awesomeness would not exist or will go away if we continue down a socialist/communist path. Read your Constitution. Understand it. Liberty!!!

    • James Steed

      Do you realize several of those videos are from countries that are socialist? You might want to read the Constitution some time, try some other light reading like the Magna carta, Declaration of Independence of 1689 and maybe a little greek. Once your done try reading a bit of what Thomas Jefferson wrote aside from the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and stop watching Fox News.

      The world is a beautiful and open place, don't let ignorance clouds its glory.

      • Owen Smithers

        All good reading! Except for the Greek…I'm not there yet. I'd have to start watching Fox News to stop doing it. No doubt many of that awesomeness was from socialist countries. Those systems work fine…for a while. But then other people's money starts to run out and there's no incentive to create more. I'd just rather not let it get that bad here, before we correct ourselves. Let other countries continue to try at it and fail.

        • dave

          The "other countries" you are mentioning have a higher quality of life, and a longer life expectancy. They don't have to worry about getting ill, and have just as much freedom as you do. You really need to read more if you're still touting that nonsense "no incentive" line – you don't have a shred of evidence to support your claim. You seem to be woefully ignorant of what "socialism" means, and the scary part is you don't seem to want to educate yourself, instead being happy that you are somehow awesome and other people are stupid. Hubris is not your friend – don't let it spoil your fun here on Earth.

          • Owen Smithers

            Well Dave, I would only ask that you relocate to those other countries and graciously allow me and others who value liberty, even with its risks, to continue to live here unmolested by a 'helpful' government. If the will of the people is to expand our government to no end, then I would ask that that the Constitution be lawfully amended, ensuring the biggest buy-in for those policies. But, it seems easier to strip liberty by making end-runs around it. If you like those things, fine. Take your family elsewhere and enjoy the fruits of socialism, but please, don't force me to.

          • mick0311

            ERrrrrrr. Nope. Dig a little bit before you buy what the "studies" say. They leave out very important categories on cause of death that skew the data regarding life expectancy. Cuba has a higher rated health care system than us, and a better QOL. That on face value is pure garbage. People in Cuba also rent cars to siphen the gas out of them to sell on the street for profit. lol

      • Cal1

        He was talking about American history, the magna carta was a declaration against the English king by the feudal barons I believe in around 1215, there’s is no similarities

        • Anonymous

          1215? Ha that’s like 200 years before Americas discovery. Sweet

    • Mike

      Hey Ron Paul…oops I mean Owen Smithers,
      Do you like the things listed below?

      The New National banking system
      The VA Hospital
      The Post Office
      Parks (national and city)
      Beaches (national and city) Privet beaches are nuke beaches
      Road, Streets, Highways, byways, Freeways
      Street lamps and or any lighting paid by the Gov't (city included)
      The U.S Military (Paid by the Government using tax dollars)
      and I'm sure I didn't get all the programs.

      If your whining about Socialist programs please feel free to not use them, what do you think?
      (Capitalism doesn't pay for any of these programs)

      • Owen Smithers

        As I said, read and understand the Constitution. I didn't say I wanted anarchy. Those programs are fine if they are done at the proper level of government (local, city, county, state) as opposed to the federal government. And taxes are fine too, to pay for those programs that people want. Capitalism is the engine that pays for all those things. It grows and creates wealth based on choices that people make freely. That's what I'm saying.

        • label arguments

          was just thinking… you know who has socialized health insurance? congress. you know who doesn't? ^^^^^^… and me.

          • etcrr

            label arguments is correct and if you allow congress to continue more and more of your liberties will be removed. More Obama or redirection to where we should be?

        • Menhir.

          Taxes are proportionally at their lowest since the 1950s in the US. Besides, I come from France, and we have one big mass of centralized government. At a time of deep economic crisis, our unemployment rates, crime rates, imprisonment rates, drug use rates and poverty rates are all lower than in the US, and any of us can still go to our MANDATORY public healthcare system and get treated either entirely free of charge or for a minimal contribution, no matter our economic status or country of origin. I rest my case.

          • Bob

            Liar, liar, pants on fire. You people will turn anything into politics.

          • mick0311

            The only problem is that they are going broke paying for it, and when they try to bring down the benefits a bit, the kids light cars on fire and flip them over. Sounds fun. How's Greece doing?

          • jeffzero

            "and get treated either entirely free of charge or for a minimal contribution, no matter our economic status or country of origin"… uhhh you know that it is paid for by someone, right? And that that 'someone' is not the people of other countries, right? Those "free" systems are paid for by tax dollars. So then, if you pay taxes in France and a ton of immigrants come into France and take advantage of that "free" public healthcare, you are paying that bill. You understand that right?

      • Wallace


        The only thing that you listed that was written into the constitution was the military. Everything else has been added by politicians as entitlements for their constituents as a way to get them re-elected, and to increase the size of government.

        • Wallace

          My bad, the Post office was also. But that was it.

        • dave

          No, most of those things were implemented by the government to help the prosperity of the US, both financially, and in quality of life. It *is* possible for good things to come from governments, you realise? Or was the constitution penned by politicians as entitlements for their constituents as a way to get re-elected? Your logic is rather weak to say the least. You also seem to be woefully ignorant of your country's history and why socialist programs can be fantastically good for the entire country. Or do you just want to go back to 1787 and live like a peasant, happy and content in the knowledge that the constitution will never be wrong, ever, ever, ever?

          • Owen Smithers

            Governments are not bad. Your family is a form of government. So is your city and county and state. The problem is that so many programs are implement at the wrong (and unlawful) level now. If your state or county wants socialized healthcare, great! Do it! You have the authority and power to do so. But the federal government specifically does not. If it turns out great and wonderful in your state, maybe others will pick it up and implement it. And if enough do and find that it is indeed a good thing, we'll have broad appeal to amend the US Constitution to allow the Congress to do it. But it doesn't start at the top. That limits freedom. It limits choices. I can't choose not to participate and there's no way to get around it. But if you do it in your state, I can move. Or I can lobby my state rep who is far more likely to listen than my federal rep. Do you see?

            • Patmass

              Boy, this guy just totally ruined the awesomeness of the above video. Oh, and his name is Smithers. Why does that name seem familiar?

              Oh, right. He was the guy that was the total lackey to the corrupt, morally reprehensible, greedy, selfish billionaire who treated him like crap. Sounds like tea-partiers and their corporate overlords.

              Occupy CHIVE!

              I'm gonna go look at some tits now

    • Rikers

      instead of Replyinmg to Owen can't we just tell him to GTFO and take his crap to Fox news??

  • loooool

    I feel like every video I load has an ad in front of it….. otherwise DOPE video.

    • Daniel

      subliminal messages

    • andfukyamoms

      get with the program and download an addon to block em. not hard.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking amazing

  • KillinTime

    Too good. Could keep up.

  • Rp

    Awe-Some! Only way to put more awesome into three minutes: 4 minutes!

  • Anonymous

    Bermuda are in those pics. Yes i andrew kerpatric

  • Jasey

    not awesome, EPIC!

  • Rob

    So…. that’s what life on planet earth is like. Looks like a good time.

    • uncle fisty

      Comment of the century. Well played, sir. Well. Played.

      • Lulatsch

        Its what life on earth looks like for people who dont let their dreams go!

  • James

    Salt is still salt

  • herb dickel

    a little life on earth

  • hayden

    I want to see that side of living! looks damn good!

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  • Zed

    assassin's creed / parkour for the win!

  • http://www.facebook.com/conecta2.dk Eduardo David I. Sicard

    I wish my life was half that amazing

  • sshuggi

    Not to mention randomness…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001819178359 Shane Heisser

    List of videos here: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&n

    Original Link:

    • Glenn

      Just what I was going to ask for!

    • kitsune17717

      both of my questions regarding this video was answered by you. Thanks!

  • naluukti

    Full screen recommended!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000595326758 Bryan Murillo

    Its like someone made a video of the internet.

  • etcrr

    cool video, It kinda looks like a year in review, which is actually nice

  • Fez

    That. Was. Epic

  • DidIMentionFuck

    It gets to a point where you cram so much into a video that it's simply not enjoyable watching a thousand snippets of hundredths of things. And I feel this video has reached that point.
    Slow it the fuck down.
    Show lots the fuck more of the fuck fewer things.
    Calm the fuck down and Chive the fuck on.

    Just the fuck sayin'.

    • Billy

      Yes yes you did…………….

  • yo mom

    THis is so frustrating. If you only get to see a fraction of an awesome video what's the point?

  • Razpa

    OMFG!!! The eagle landing on the skydivers hand (2:53)! Anyone has the link to the original video?

    • Dragos_Nei

      seen it before somewhere.. the guys reaction is hilarious!

    • Glenn

      Look at the post a few above yours…

    • http://twitter.com/TomREdwards @TomREdwards

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