• Dragos_Nei

    Way too many random clips.. wtf was i just watching!!!

    who knows, who cares.. 1 sec of a bike jump, 1 sec of a hamster, half a back flip, cat, car, pony, UNICORN, bicycle, fiiiish… list goes on for for another 3 mins.

    Epic random editing job!

  • DChiver

    If only I could wake up to this everyday… and benefit from this energy that I am feeling… 🙂

  • Alex

    makes me feel that i have a miserable life 😥

    • http://motionsource.net Nikki

      Same here! That video made my life so boring as well.

  • duhhhhhh


  • kid

    I just want to stick my dick in it…

    wait no actually i want it to stick its dick in me

  • dominantone

    @ 0:52 i got the bitch a tire, bitches love tires.

  • theeemightybuck

    i want to change my life around entirely now and be a better person

  • BostonChiver

    Goose bumps

  • yoselahonda

    My favorite part was when it got awesome.

  • Ron

    anyone know what the song is?

    • Dave

      It's Kaskade – Turn It Down… I'm trying to figure out who did the remix, it isn't the original

      • DJDavyDave

        i think its "Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)"

  • gaga

    haha thats my buddy andrew at 59 seconds, check our full videos of cliff jumpin on youtube. falling off the rock

  • Da Dream

    Meh, Moved to fast,the music sucks, and not enough T&A

    • mitch

      you read my mind, word for word

  • Hunter

    ….sponsored by GoPro! 🙂 haha

  • Da Sandman

    mankind can be awesome when it wants to.. but most of the time it's just a douchebag

  • Lance

    is a very good vid but what is the title of the song??

  • Sligibuff

    Song: Turn it down – Kaskade (Le castle vania remix)

  • Lokobo

    sweet video…….but….we're still doing the dubstep thing?

  • john

    what is the song ? 😮

  • john

    what is the song ? 😮

  • CJaeger


  • masterprince117

    whats the song?

  • CL@udia

    this is seriously the 7th time i've seen this VIDEO!!! EFFN AWESOME AND THE SONG IS PERFECT!!!

  • Rudy

    Honestly, brought a tear. This is the most unbelievable video I’ve seen. It shows how awesome people are and how awesome our world is. Everytime I watch it I can’t help bit think of all my boys and family that are no longer here. Draped over with the flag, they were heros that will never again show there full potential. Kills me everyday they don’t get to see this world w me.

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