A creative meme marriage proposal (21 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Nicely done sir.

  • Samantha Kristal

    Awesome! My ex fiance asked me to marry him at dinner with his dad and sisters… not as exciting.

    • dub

      so…holding up pieces of paper with several year old memes "excites" you? then the "LOL WUT?" i just typed should make your panties drop.

    • Just Sayin'

      Is that why he's your ex?

  • wkdfrog

    Lots of single haters gonna hate. Congrats to you both

  • kim


  • Roger Murtaugh

    This has Chive hoax written all over it!!!!

  • Fred

    Maybe her next husband wont be such a tool.

  • troll

    10 bucks says this is a bit like the "i quit" girl.

  • CinematicHeart


  • dave

    Any one else sick of "clever" marriage proposals?

    • Craigery

      Also sick of people who think their proposal was so clever it needs to be shared with the world.

      • 84TIME

        agreed(with both).

  • 84erw


  • Anonymous

    I don’t buy it at all, you guys running the chive are Dbags.


    well that's because your right hand doesn't have a brain and can't comprehend the wide world of internetness. Happy Fappin!

    • Mike

      Gave that bitch a ring
      Bitches love rings

  • EyeGottaBme

    He gave that bitch a ring.
    Bitches love rings.

  • Eric

    Dude, cut your finger nails. I thought it was a girl holding the signs.

  • http://mensconfidence.com/ TommyB

    Yeah, that was lame lol.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles


  • Tomas

    Savor your honeymoon…it'll be your last BJ.

  • Kellen

    Relationships are unique and I'm really hoping this is something she would have appreciated as much as you did, but I can't help but think of how sad it is that the most meaningful connection you have to your fiancee is internet memes.

    I might be completely wrong, there might be some subtext, I hope.

    • b-ry

      agreed. this was lame as hell.

      • It's agreed

        agreeing with your agreement.

        • So it's agreed.

          i agree with you agreeing with his agreement.

          • skylarrr

            I will agree to disagree with you all.

    • Jiub

      Yeah. If he's got a funny idea to propose to his girlfriend involving internet memes, that means internet memes are the most meaningful connection they have. Your logic is completely fucked.

  • Anonymous

    Cmon dude, stop being a pussy and grow some balls…..or does she already have them?

  • mrcromartie

    All u haters shut the fuck up

    • mrcromartie

      John's trying to give me head and you all are distracting him

  • Mike

    Only an Asian woman would find that romantic.

  • Chivoso

    #3… Yeah, after slide 3 she had no idea where this was going. Dude prolly cries after sex.

  • smalls

    Sucker. Ha!

  • Melanie

    I love it!

  • Anonymous

    Wow each and every one of you whiney cry baby, gotta post every feeling I have, and break down everything I see, kind of ppl. Will you do me a huge favor and have a nice refreshing glass of shut the fuck up and once you’ve enjoyed that take a step back and literally go FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!!!!! now shut up you morons

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