Awesome dad creates badass artwork on his kids’ lunch bags (34 Photos)

  • joel

    and then… they where crumpled up and thrown away.

    • Pavlov's Dog

      thats the nature of the product in question.

  • Anonymous

    #14 Is amazing! Have all those comic books. This makes me really happy that this Dad is taking so much time just to make sure his son or daughter have a good lunch. Hopefully the kid is saving them because when they’re older I know they will wish they still had some!

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  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to get a job.

  • ifoundherlolz


  • nayala

    hahahaha #34 what a cool dad.

  • monoxxide

    this guy is really good

  • science


  • Rebecca

    great artwork sure beats the tin lunch boxes : )

  • hadouKEN


  • Doctor_Krieger


  • Anonymous

    adventure time win

  • Mary Virginia Sanderford

    Too cool for school!!!

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  • Ken

    You wouldnt have to understand them to enjoy them. You people suck to think anything different. Even if he didnt have a kid its still great work. Haters gonna Hate

  • Sean

    I finally remember where I've seen this stuff before. The same guy who does this also makes the dreamland chronicles web comic.

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  • Sergio

    Nice! On the other hand, this post just made me aware of how much I missed my dad while growing up…

  • Anonymous

    #15 ancient psychic tandem war elephant!

  • Shari

    i really hate all the comments about the dad needing to find a job and that hes lame. Have you ever thought that maybe hes handicapped and art is one of the things that hes good at and can share with his kids. Just the fact that a parent is taking the time and energy to put a smile on their kids face says more than the parents who dont even spend the time on their own……

  • jaycubg

    To the haters: he has a job. He’s actually a video game designer and makes these everyday on his lunch breaks. He has a tumblr titled “lunch bag art”

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