Famous people you never knew were on Star Trek (14 Photos)

Via Imgur

  • Goof

    Daniel Dae Kim from Lost and Hawaii 5-0 was in several episodes of Enterprise.

  • Allenavw

    #9 Love how he has the exact same bad ass facial expression.

  • CBDeadman

    I knew most of them. Surprised at Iggy Pop though #10

  • Dan

    I was looking for people in Star Trek, not all of the knock-offs.

  • gimlet mike

    How could you forget Vic Tayback?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=543380440 Michael Bradley

    James Worthy of the La Lakers also played a Klingon. He was huge.

  • monoxxide

    only if your a treky or how ever you spell it would you know these things

  • Anonymous

    No idea tom morello …

  • http://twitter.com/madhi19 @madhi19

    Kurtwood Smith "Red Foreman" played three different roles in Voyager, DS9 and Star Trek 6

  • Vstar99

    Terri Garr – TOS
    Madchen Amick – TNG

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  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #13 love me some famke!

  • Andrew

    Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future played a Klingon (nerds, don’t correct my spelling. I don’t care)

  • Allie H

    #11 I actually remember watching re-runs of this one with her when I was little

  • Mike Oxlong

    That's not Star Trek!

  • drewcypher
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