Grab your carpet square. (30 photos)

  • Bob

    #31 The illustrations were creepy as hell.

    • Andy Drake

      I still have those books in my attic!

  • Stevorino

    #18 Cooooome baaaack heeereee raaaaab bit! awesome use of ether in cartoons. Thanks Doc

  • Renegade800135

    #6 Britney before she was a whore and showed her snatch off

  • Brad

    #31 Does anyone remember what book this was from? Popped into my head a couple weeks ago and have had no luck finding it. Lucky coincidence it just happens to pop up here…

    • jrey81

      scary stories to tell in the dark. if you google it you get to see all those haunting pics from childhood. awesome!

    • James

      Its called “Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark”, really imaginative title

    • Crysta

      The picture is from one of the scary stories to tell in the dark book series

    • Jay

      #31 scary stories to tell in the dark. Or possibly the sequal more scary stories to tell in the dark

    • Anonymous

      This was from the book Scary Stories to tell in the Dark, I had It as well

  • CalAb13

    #10 I think I still owe them some money…….

  • Stick

    Chive, it's Finals time.
    Posting Friday shit on a Tuesday was a cruel, cruel, trick indeed.

  • Anonymous

    # 8 I cant tell you how many socks I dirtied up to Kelly Kapowsky.

  • Franklin1138

    Ha ha. #13 is awesome, but it was even funnier when you did it with Oddjob.

    • thebluebull

      I miss that game so bad…that was my entire childhood right there man….

  • AssBoi

    #8 Is that Tiffany?

  • Nick Gauss

    #27 Still have one

  • Nelson Pancakes

    I just can't seem to place #31. Help.

  • Nelson Pancakes

    Can't seem to place #31. Halp.

  • Piaras

    #22 FIND HER!

  • Leonel_LyL

    Back in the day, these were so bloody brilliant. Now the current generation laughs at us for enjoying these thing. Well I tell them: PISS OFF!

  • ARey

    #31…. that book or books don't remember were freaky as f*ck when I was a kid. The boil that turned out to be spider eggs in the guys face

  • SC,CA

    Big Dipper?

  • madslick

    #13 should say "Haters gonna hate".

  • NeYo

    #18 Looney Tunes Classic "Water, Water every Hare!"

  • gdm426

    #1 i wanted this so f'ing bad. hell i still want one even if i'm too big to ride it

  • mojo420jojo

    #31, dude holy shit, i was just thinkin about the story of the girl driving and the killer in the backseat and every time he moved the guy behind her would flash his brights amd scare the guy. Crazy man, crazy.

  • JBr

    only until midnight!!

  • Vinny

    #1 When commercials for this baby came on, I knew Christmast was right around the corner.

  • Theresa

    I loved #27!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What is #26 from?

  • Anonymous

    The book from 31 is Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

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