Great turnout at SantaCon 2011 (28 Photos)

  • mooseknuckle907

    #3 and #17
    WOW yes I have been naughty

  • Eduardo David I. Sicard

    #3 that's what Santa does the other 364 days of the year

    • Steve

      That cant possibly be true.. cause why the hell would Santa EVER leave if he had that…

  • Lulatsch

    Planking isn't cool, but a for guy with tons of snow, it is.

    • Anon

      Where is the obligatory Tebow pose?

  • Chunk Pants

    All of this is dumb, if you take time out of your life to dress up as Santa you might as well do something nice for kids instead of getting wasted. Go buy a toy instead of a bottle! Selfish prick.

  • thatsright

    # 18 Who do you think has more money?

    • ladiedragonfli

      Jesus saves 😉 😛

  • thatsright


  • Anonymous

    #18 both myths!

  • oridotan

    #3 and #17

    can sure bring joy to the holiday
    ho ho ho

  • amplidudes

    I always wondering about how many bank robberies happen these days or why not.

  • B Line

    It’s the guy in the Santa suit..,.!!!! We have a problem!!! 🙂

  • jedi

    #25 mind the gap

  • Christopher DeMunbrun

    There are two things that bring in the Christmas season for me here in NYC.

    1) Taking a Girl to see the Rockettes (In hopes to get some)
    2) Fucking SantaCon!

    I been up here 6 years and every year it gets bigger and bigger, it is a must do if you are near NYC!

  • etcrr

    #3 Mrs Claus is lookin pretty hot #17 I always knew that there was something special about the reindeer games

  • TheRealSnowman

    #7 You're on the naughty-list now, cop'er!!

  • Helmet4

    #8 #14
    Someone please put a pole on top of that bus
    Some of Santa's elves are naughty

  • passwordistaco

    #5 just hit #6 and got #7 'd

  • rufus

    that bottle's empty. dumb. the nerve of some people's kids.… here!

  • TommyB
  • iSexyDude

    #17 I'd love to see them go down my chimney

  • chicago

    #4 and ALL of this, looks like a really Cyule [cool] thing to do.

  • smoker

    wot a load of shit thanks for another good christmas hullywood

  • aciekay

    #22 ballers!

  • Jose

    #18 aparently Jesus and Santa get their money from the same guy

  • winfields

    #14 looks like a good time!
    And by the way, there were other events like this other than this one in NYC.
    Just did the Running of the Santas in Philadelphia! whoot whoot!

  • Anonymous

    Bunch of heathens i tell ya…. bring that shit to ontario canada

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