I miss college — Finals edition (60 Photos)

  • JayBee

    #11 Holy shit! Also go Mizzou #57

  • boskees2000

    4 years is a really long time?! Hoosiers suck!

  • treneuf

    #42- what’s gayer than?

  • David Miller

    #31 This picture is absolutely amazing! DJ PHEE has some serious competition this year 🙂 If I may say to the girl on the right we can have a good time when ever you want if ya know what I mean 😉

    • John

      Good choice. Especially since its s dude on the left.

  • TheTom

    #40 are you in Ames or Iowa City?

    • Zherkof

      Or Cedar Falls, or Decorah, or Sioux City, or Council Bluffs….?

  • iu chiver

    #1 psychology and jimi Hendrix, only finals left.

  • twatstica

    #15 is in college? Can't be. Look how dusty that bottle is. That is the one thing that should never collect dust in college

  • Missoula

    Fuck SHSU. GO GRIZ!! Montana is a way better state as well.

  • dickbag

    all these pics are epic…i fucking love you chive

  • Brenj

    #51, I've seen enough of my engineering pad for this semester. Got my mechanical vibrations final in 11 hours. Go engineers and go Wolfpack!

  • Jim

    #53… ok, you have great humps but can you handle a baton? ZING!

  • ben

    #52, and #53


  • TheOneAndOnly

    #55 Since when the fuck did we get that much snow? That must have been from last year's 24 inches

  • wetmybed

    #49 made me feel…. 😦 lots of love to you guys, hope he had a good life

  • Marcis

    #1 can you bring these girls with you…please #11 #53

  • Mr Los

    Trying to figure out which one in #11 is the hottest…then I saw the redhead..LOVE!!

  • racist

    guess what, white people again and their white problems. FU CHIVE

  • Kjgibbs

    Love that the university of Wisconsin was in here three times. Go badgers

  • Bpoy

    #37. Good job Danielle!

  • StayClassyIU

    #38 You would think IU had never won basketball game before, let alone treat other people (visitors) on your campus. Indiana students and fans should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treated UK fans in Bloomington. I was there, great game, but I was a UK fan, and spent several hours at a hospital holding the hand of my girlfriend who got hit by a flying beer bottle and no is blind in her right eye….all because you Indiana fans are dicks. A great win, but thats no way to treat opposing fans. Its one thing to taunt, and keep up a good rivalry. Its another to be dicks and cause harm. Stay Classy IU.

    • StayedClassy

      Sure, when you come to a rival college town decked out in UK gear, you might get treated poorly, that's to be expected. And yes, what that person did to your girlfriend is awful (again, assuming that's true at all), but you can't judge all of us upon one bad experience. But after all the NCAA violations by Sampson, the complete travesty that was IU basketball for the last 9 years and the fact that NOBODY thought we were going to beat a #1 ranked team, we deserved to celebrate. Growing up in Florence KY, you should've heard the absolute shit that I got when I said I was going to IU. If I were to judge YOU by the fans of Kentucky that I know, I'd think you were a dick too. And I personally guarantee that if you walked through Chapel Hill during a UK-UNC game decked out in Kentucky apparel, the same thing would happen.

      • Palin

        Both of you are dicks.

  • Anonymous

    Hey racist fagot, go fuck your self and don’t look at Chive if you are going to get sooo butt hurt over a bunch of smoking hot young women. Go back to crying into your pillow at your moms house

  • justaguy

    #17 Find her!!! (girl in blue) She looks amazing!

    • Palin

      The girl in white aint bad herself!

  • justaguy

    #18 Did you mean "Royal Queer Army"?

  • U of F
  • U of F

    Thank me later

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