• Gart

    …and done

    • Righteous

      Why don't you leave him alone and stop filming him? Why don't you act like you are not star struck?

    • hmmmm

      look! another video from wimp! i'm glad mac does so much work finding 85% of the videos this site posts on another aggregation site!

    • flav

      I know this is wrong to think and i'm going to hell for it… but what if he's just racist? :-/

  • Eh.

    keanu is sad no more

    • Stylez

      I love how no one notices him haha.

  • jassnl

    What is Keanu Reeves doing in a subway, isn't he like a god?

    • Chan

      Probably because it's faster to get around in NY that way then trying to drive in that god awful traffic. It's just Keanu…I like him and all but he isn't gunna get mobbed by the public these days.

    • TheRealSnowman

      But…. but….. where's his sandwich?!?

    • mattheadface

      actually he gives most of what he earns from his work to cancer research (his sister has cancer) and/or just helping out random people… this guy is the Chive embodied, we need to make him an honorary male Chivette

      • StaticFX

        Keanu Fucking Reeves

        • Douchey McDoucherson

          Let's see it CHIVE!!! KFR!!!

      • buy me


        picture of Keanu as Ted Theodore Logan with the text "I know kung-fu" underneath

        • Mark

          Or better yet, WHOAAA!!

        • Thims

          or "Be Excellent to each other."

          • kip

            Thims you have perfect accuracy hitting that nail

      • Paul

        "we need to make him an honorary male Chivette"

        I see what you're trying to say, but there has to be a better way to say it.

    • http://add.com add

      So This was how he escaped the subway station.

    • MAX_POW

      nope…. you got that wrong, he is the devil's son

    • Black6dog

      Fucking Key Master must have taken off.

    • Josh

      It wasn't just the subway… that bag is full of weapons and that was the matrix

  • Ateka

    Still doesn't age!

    • japseye

      stfu and gtfo……has age'd

    • Brian

      Because he lives in the Matrix! Duh! LOL

  • Ever

    Moments after he stepped off the subway, he donned his sunglasses and flew off into the sky.

    • LlamaForever.

      *Hoped on a Llama for an epic getaway ride.

  • TheBigGreen

    That's really refreshing to see, what a cool guy… On the subway AND gives up his seat? He must be on his way to serve at the soup kitchen!

    • Jballs

      Humanity… Hanging in there.

  • Jason

    STAY ABOVE 50!

    • Silky Johnson

      I think it was called…"The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down"

      • hello please

        ^ Best comment in thread. ^

    • New KCCO shirt dude


  • myself

    Be righteous to each other.

    • Stu

      Be excellent to each other?

      • fred

        you are either too young or an idiot and it is be "excellent" to each other.

        • Sleep_Salone

          He's too old…but he is an idiot.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    It's because he is immortal.

  • gerry

    this guy deserves his own logo shirt by the chive team.

    • Slauterhause


    • http://www.bangboomcrash.com Stefan

      LOL – Keanu Fucking Reeves

      • Daviis

        LOL.. I'd buy it.

        • aaaaa

          C'mon guys, did you honestly laugh out loud to the suggestion of a shirt? If you are a man, or a woman over the age of 13, and you use the acronym "LOL", die in a fire.

          • suntrust


          • nemesis

            You seem tense.

            • Pwithc

              which one?

          • y so serious

            U mad bro?

    • DallasMike

      I agree! I've seen a number of articles recently about how thoughtful and generous this guy is to the every day people around him. "Do as Keanu Would Do!"

    • jmac

      WWKD – What Would Keanu Do…along with a boss like face pic on the shirt.

    • mutant26

      DUUUUUUUDDEEEEEE!-enter the Matrix…Keanu fuckin Reeves….

  • Phil

    why would he be on a subway? obviously inside the matrix..

    • Lulatsch

      The Trainman didn't let him go!

    • switch_24

      damn.. guess The Merovingian found a way..

  • Stephen

    Be excellent to each other

    • mooseknuckle907

      ahhhhhh you beat me
      KUDOS sir*head nod*

      • Catalystika

        Except that his line isn't that. It's what the guy in the next post said (without the And… that's Lincoln's line, technically… heh)

  • Thumbs Down Me

    And….. Party on DUDES!!!!!

  • Interstate78

    … Whoa!

  • http://www.reflectingthewild.com/ Tom

    well he is Canadian…

    • Matt

      That's what I was thinking…he probably said sorry for not giving up his seat sooner.

      • AhmedTheTerrifying

        Canadian? Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of Patricia Bond (née Taylor), an English costume designer/performer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, Jr., a geologist and Hawaiian-born American of English, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Chinese descent.

        But yea he has the Canadian nationality!

        • y u no say Canuck?

          Read a little further in that Wikipedia article you've plagiarized, and you might find "grew up primarily in Toronto." Close enough, eh.

  • ForsakenUK

    Fake AND Gay..

    Oh no wait I mean that other thing..

    Genuine AND Straight

  • Dunderfart

    Maybe the guy next to him really smells? Then again, if it's anything like the New York subway, the whole thing smells.

    • Lazarus2k

      It is the NY subway (northbound Q train)

  • Nashuaf


  • haaksik

    because fatty is the oracle.

  • sam

    He held the door open and waited for me and my daughter's stroller to get to the door for like an eternity instead of running away like most new yorkers once. Didn't realize he was Keanu until I was passing him. I told my daughter she was touched by god that day.

    • yuck

      Sam your last sentence let down an otherwise nice post. In so many, many ways.

      • Da Sandman

        same thing

  • freshfraser

    Stuff like that just makes me smile, I love when people treat each other with kindness, now if only we could get more stars to do that…..no Russell put down the phone those are for calling!

  • oridotan

    Tank, Load the Subway map

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17815425 Adam Purcell

      Neo, this is loco.

  • $ilver!

    the war is over…….for now

  • etcrr

    These actors are people plain and simple. I met Bonnie Franklin (the mother on one day at a time) once, We shared an elevator, We talked like she was a normal person and she appreciated it.

    My point is: it isn't called "rightous,being excellent" its called being considerate, having good manners.

    Doing the right thing for your fellow man. It is what everyone use to do before the 1960's when everyone started to decide they were more important than everyone else and it has been that way ever since.

    He is doing what all people should be doing. Honestly this behavior is what should be normal and not considered special. Thank you for your time

    • Chris

      The fact that you had to explain who Bonnie Franklin is should tell you, she IS a normal person now.

    • AJ5133

      "It is what everyone use to do before the 1960's when everyone started to decide they were more important than everyone else and it has been that way ever since. "

      Before the 1960s? You mean, like, when there was slavery? Um … yeah … humans have treated each other poorly forever. Get used to it.

      I agree with you that it is unfortunate that acts like this one aren't more common, but don't act like rudeness just started happening. See, there was this thing called the Holocaust …

      • newscot

        There was slavery in the 1950s?

        • guest

          There's slavery now.

        • AJ5133

          Before the 1960s only includes the 1950s?

      • NattyProm

        That's a laughable thesis for the manifestation of bad manners in contemporary America. Mannerism has always been on the decline when the idea became that making money is the most important thing in your life. Your reference to slavery makes no sense, slavery has nothing to do with be friendly or polite. During the post reconstruction era did everyone just turn into giant dicks, no people still were still polite. By the way I wouldn't root any problem at the holocaust, that's just asinine and unrelated topic. It has little reference or correlation to manners. The underlying point is, he makes a great case for the decline in public manners in today's society.

        • Guest


    • Silky Johnson

      WOAH!!! THE Bonnie Franklin?!?!?

      Also, AJ5133, I would be rude as shit to your dumb ass. Saying that the Holocaust was "rude" is one of the dumbest thingsIi've ever read on the internet. That's saying something.

      • AJ5133

        I didn't say the Holocaust was "rude." Maybe you should read what I wrote rather than just making things up. Good to see that you completely missed the point, too, which is that people have been doing awful things to each other forever. The idea that it things were terrific back in the good ol' days, which is what I was originally addressing, just shows that people don't know much about history.

  • Jesse

    Yea, a chive shirt that says WWNEOD?

    • herefromthestart

      i see what you did there…

    • guest

      HA! yes we need that!

    • Just Sayin'

      Better than WWKD…i don't particularly want to walk around with a girls drink on my tshirt.

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