• Yo Mamma

    Does he change clothes? and find the girl in the white shirt at the 0:06 mark!!!

  • Swirlone

    i like the dude neo is classy….. good for him

  • race wars

    He's not being a gentleman. Clearly, he did not want to sit next to the brother. He even squirmed before the black guy sat next to him.

  • kim

    Did that woman not realized that she got the gentlemanly treatment from Point Break himself?????

  • UAV Nick

    Young men take note, this is how a true man acts … even when he doesn't know that the cameras are rolling

  • brenndog

    Does anyone else think the person taping this is strange and creepy?

  • Sam

    wow i've never watched the matrix because i never felt like it but now i feel like i'm obliged too cuz he seems cool

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    WTF why is keanu reeves on the friggin subway train anyway he should be so filthy rich to not have to take the public transportation. Ha ha and knowing this dude he’s probably got a small arsenal of kick ass guns in his bag

  • Edaea_Sinid

    You're awesome man! He should be knighted a Chiver King!

  • Anonymous

    It’s cause he’s Canadian 😉

  • its_forge

    Remember this is the guy that bought each member of the stunt crew on the last 2 Matrix films a new Harley. He was like, "Pff, what the hell am I gonna do with 12 million bucks? Gotta show my appreciation somehow."

  • PG13

    Let's be honest. He just didn't want to sit by that black guy who sat next to him.

  • hernan

    she has to be glad "the chosen" gave her the seat

  • Sophannai

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