• Cali

    I bought 2 women’s KC&CO, 3 BFM men’s, 2 BFM women’s, I’m gonna be the mufuckin man at Christmas present giving this year!! Chive on!!

  • Eddie

    This blows. I thought it was 9pm…not AM. F ME!!!!!

    • EBAY


  • ScotchLobster

    Tempted to buy the small KCCO shirt… It won't fit, but I still want it at this point. CHIVE! ORDER MORE LARGE SHIRTS!

  • New KCCO shirt dude

    Soon I'll be pimping my new KCCO!!!

  • Anonymous

    You guys ( The Chive) Fucking suck. What the fuck is wrong with you that you can’t find a good company to print enough shirts…or I don’t know a company that makes the shirts as they are ordered. I just want a Goddamn shirt

  • Lolasauraus.

    which fucktard horded all the medium 'keep calm and chive on tees… son of a bitch….expect to see them on ebay for $50 a pop.

  • nick

    why must the KCCO shirt sizes go so quickly…

  • Alexander

    go now!!

  • Anonymous

    Kept Calm and Chived In. Just Purchased a KCCO shirt @10:00 Alaska time!

  • Effing Shane

    Stop your bitching and stay calm. I scored two bfm and one kcco today after working all night and staying up till noon. Great day.

  • luckyB

    everything is sold out….had no way of odering yesterday either. is it to much to ask for one kcco and one BFM shirt for xmas?? been trying for 3 months now

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