Seoul, South Korea’s ‘The Cloud’ buildings are immediately offensive (7 photos)

  • Tim

    Ok us Americans are not a fearful or pussyfide people as you dumbasses say. We respect everyone’s screwed up memories. What if the Boing company built a new building shaped like a mushroom cloud and called it the Cloud. What if the someone built a park shaped like a swastika and called it the Oven. What if what If we built a water park with a giant wave pool and called in the Indoneasan tsunami. If I wasn’t for us pussy Americans the rest of you free counrties word be slaves at best if not totally killed off. Remember WWII us pussy Americans save all of you pussy asses

    • History

      great point….you really have an excellent grasp of world history dont you?…or you could do something really crazy and actually look for facts that support such claims rather than just repeat stuff you have heard…Lets start with just one: Please tell me with actual support how "if not for Americans the rest of the free world would have been slaves or killed off"?

      Just because other people have said it doesnt make it true…please provide the context/facts that lead you to such a conclussion.

      • Innocent Bystander

        Wasn't america a large part of the slave trade?

        • Innocent Bystander

          If you ignore all of the slave trading going on in Europe and Africa prior… Recall the Children's Crusade? Code of Ur-Nammu, Code of Hammurabi, trans-Saharan slavery, any of this ring a bell?

      • bob

        when did the tide of WW2 change, oh ya, when the russians started kicking ass and when the americans joined the fight, grant it you might not of been killed of or made into slaves, who knows what the russians would of done after they claimed all of europe, probably something like they did to the western europe id imagine…

        • ...

          sir you are an idiot.. just sayin

    • word slave

      Boing Co. do they make sex toys? The Cloud sounds intense…

    • carlos

      What a pussy man!!! a lot of pussies here!! yeahh

    • Jason Norton

      It's brainless trying to relate the building with the unfortunate incident.
      It is a project with quite cool idea and clearly does not aim to mock at USA.

    • Aussie

      Funny! You like most americans have forgotten Vietnam and afganastan!

    • Guest

      All the USA did in WWII was free France. The war was won on the Russian front and the USA only entered battle when Germany had already effectively lost. Up to that point the USA was selling weapons and supplies to both sides of the war.

    • evad

      bo hoo hoo…. the Russian save all of us you dipshit, go back to school, stop embarasing your family

    • Anom

      Okay listen man, 9/11 was one of the most terrifying terrorists attacks, but you cant say that some skyscraper that looks alike is going to far. its a skyscraper, two in fact with similiar height. how this angers you I do not understand. What you are proposing is that no one should ever build anything like this ever again because of a terrorist attack. Just because the buildings are similar it does not mean they are trying to be disrespectful or offensive. Thats when you let the terrorist win, because of some extremists we have to alter our lives by removing anything that can remind you of that horrible day ? instead when you see that, you should remember who you have lost and all the good things about that person. Remember " An Eye for an Eye leaves everyone Blind " I am not saying to forgive the pieces of shit who did what they did. What I am saying is, whenever you are reminded of that tragic day it shouldn't be rage that you feel, it should be love and happiness, because the loved ones you have lost would rather see you smile instead of frowning.

      • Anom

        Feel Love and happiness because you are reminded of all the good times with your loved ones **** not the attack

  • Herc


    • Tuff Guy

      People need to chill the fuck out. I was in NYC during 9/11. There's nothing offensive about this. Just a cool building.

      • Seb

        It's a very cool building, I can't imagine I would have ever noticed anything wrong with it

        • Huell

          Nope. One idiot person probably joked about the minor similarity and it blew up.

          • mrcromartie

            and once again the chive staff jumps on the bandwagon like the idiots they are. not surprised.

          • Phil McKracken

            "and it blew up" was probably not the best phrase to use considering the context! Completely agree though. It also looks like two cucumbers being shot through the middle in one of those slow-mo clips. Don't hear anyone complaining about that.

        • Mr. No-derp

          Before we read all the angry comments from Americans who think that they save the world every day, take a look at this.. Please do, it explanes so much!

          • Here's Johnny

            Really? Mr. No-derp you must be an idiot as well. You don't think they edited what they wanted for their interview? This proves nothing. I agree with the comments up above. One person cries and we all have to worry about their feelings.

          • bob lee swagger

            If only it could "explane" to you how to spell explain.

            • somos

              It's really funny to see that still there are dumbasses that makes stupid jokes like this one. Get a life loser.

            • AmBush_Steve

              He intended that spelling. He's just saying that the planes that caused the twin towers to fall are ExPlanes.

    • YEAH

      9/11 mother fuckers! Now don't build any skyscrapers ever again you insensative bastards.

      • AmBush_Steve

        Somebody needs a hug.

        • YEAH

          It's called "sarcasm".

          • @McBeastie666

            Someone needs a sarcastic hug.

    • Jules-CO

      Pretty sure I read in the news that this is just the design, it hasen't even begun construction yet. Some important dude mentioned that after all the hatemail and comments made, they have switched designes for this building and apologized for any offense. He said the architecht that drew it up did not realize its vague resembelence to the twin towers… Plans have been changed, chill peeps:)

    • Heh

      Looks dope

  • Anonymous

    First! Bad form!!!!!

  • spanky

    Ain’t that some shit.

  • Hula

    Stop political correctness… It's just a building!

    • SimonPhoenix

      If I could… I would give you 1,000,000 thumbs it. I agree … POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is bullshit. Plain and Simple

      • Tip

        Looks pretty cool considering you're not into fake terrorism by our fascist governments.

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Whether it was staged or not, doesn't matter, people look to far into stuff. Like hula said, it's a building……. and a pretty unique one if you ask me.

      • fritz müller

        me too, one million thumbs! and what's with this "the worst terrorist attack ever" shit? get over it…

        • Rest of The World

          because America feels it's the center of the universe. that's why.

          • Unkie Sam

            It is the center of the world. We rule.

            • Mido

              Errr no you don't.

              • frank

                yes. we do. google it.

                • EldJotnar

                  Norway, best country in the world, and that IS a fact, look it up. (no srsly, look it up, its true)

                  VI EIER.

          • stuff

            I understand what you mean but to generalize an entire country is just as ignorant I would never call out an entire country because a couple of stupid assholes on the internet

        • JOHN

          Yet as a result of American culture post WW2 you are fluent in English. The UK may have spawned the language but influence of the FORMER economic powerhouse (thanks to the current and previous presidential admins) that is/was the US, the tower of babel may soon topple. Take some PERSPECTIVE and call me in the morning

          • Shrug

            Another American who craps on about how the English would be speaking German if it wasn't for the US… like everyone would have forgot how to speak English as soon as the Germans stepped onto UK soil…

            • bcit

              isn't the root language for english Germanic?….. Interesting…

              • Trainwreck92

                Don't know why you got thumbed down. English is indeed a Germanic language.

                • Smitty

                  No it isn't. It is a bastardized Romantic language.

                  • Mido

                    Errr, no. French, Spanish, Italian are latin/greek based languages. English is rooted from German and took a lot of vocabulary and grammer basics from French too…

                • Heyhou

                  Cmon u forgot that there was a vote in the USA which language to use, it was really close vote and u can guess what was the second language,no it wasnt FRENCH or SPANISH but it was,moment of horrible truth….GERMAN… yea, deal with it

            • Liz

              would have "how to speak English", not forgot. Just sayin' 😉

              • Liz

                would have "forgotten" how to speak English, not forgot. It's even funnier now because I fucked it up!!

          • Obama

            a fucking men, I'm so tired of holier than though pricks. no better than an occupier.

          • Dick Salad

            You sound pretty ignorant when you blame it all on the presidential administration. Let me guess though your candidates would of been perfect shining beacons… Our whole govt system is fucked in the ass because people don't have the nads to do whats right. Protesting isn't going to get shit done either. You want to make a change take a look at yourself and start on those problems. Nobody wants to be a role model citizen though or actively participate in their local politics/state politics and work their way up. It's so much easier to sit back and point fingers while waiting for a miracle. The things I could do with a thousand honest and motivated people…

          • Mitch

            …everyone seems to forget about the Canadians during that time…

            • Innocent Bystander

              I agree. What's our take on this Mitch?

            • guest

              everyone forgets about the Canadians much of the time. It's just normal.
              PS. just some good natured kidding here, don't get your panties in a bunch

          • fifa

            Actually the main reason the world is speaks so much english is because of the "British Empire" ever heard of it? After all its the reason your country is what it is. Also it was effing huge, and that's why many countries speak english today. Later English grew into the "lingua franca" of our time. I admit that it was here that the US had a influence in it preading, but for economic reasons, WW2 had nothing to do with it.
            But it becoming the only language, don't make me laugh! You've obviously never been outside the western world.

            Oh and the tower thing made no sense.

        • BLT

          WOW! Fritz – are you an American?

          • BLT

            Tell that to all the troops that are fighting for us! The ones that read the chive daily just to get through the day. Idiot.

            • welshist


            • The Dude

              calm down, internet warrior.

            • Blah

              Well who put them there?

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Then what WAS the worst terrorist attack? Enlighten us.

          • Joe

            the worst terrorist attack is, the next one…

          • Frasco

            I thought it was this one:

            At the very least 150.000 civilians killed with only two strikes.

            • YoutubeMemes


              Dresden bombed on the orders of Churchill.

              The victor writes the history books. If Hitler won the war (God forbid) Churchill would have been branded a genocidal maniac.

            • frank

              declared war is not a terrorist attack.

              • YoutubeMemes

                It was a civilian refugee town.

            • Innocent Bystander

              Just throwing this out there, I haven't done any research, but what about Christopher Columbus? Didn't he do his damnedest to wipe out the native population in America? Would that be considered an act of terrorism?

              • fifa

                Well, Colombus himself didn't do squat, but the people who came after him did pretty terrible things. However the objective was not genocide, but conquest. However this seemed to be an escuse for torture, cruelty, rape, exploitation etc.

            • bob

              funny you would call that a terrorist attack, grant it, thats horrible so many civilians died, but how about the fact that most of those civilians would have killed themselves upon the mere sight of american troops who had no interest in killing them, and even better after that the USA helped rebuild japan and now we are great allies and are armed forces are their military, weird how that happens from a "terrorist attack" but i guess the taliban did help the USA after 9/11…

        • dr. clams

          fuck you. seriously fuck you. i hate it when people that weren't effected by 9/11 talk about it was if it wasn't a big deal. your comment is extremely inconsiderate.

          • Crew Soldier

            i was affected by it(right near the pentagon when it happened). life goes on. grow a pair, and get over yourselves.

          • ocsar w.

            confused this is thumbed down? i'd love to see who ever doesn't think 9/11 is a big deal tell that to any new york first responder. you guys are hypocritical assholes

            • assman

              wow, how long are you going to cry about this? another 5-10 even 20 years? yes, it was terrible, yes people got hurt and families got torn apart, but their (terroists') goal is realized when your whole life now revolves around this event and any slight reminder of it illicits an emotional response from it. how about all the people that got killed at hiroshima and nagasaki, do you think that they as a whole gripe about it every time they are caused to think about it? NO they do not, they instead continue advancing in technology and engineering…don't be such a little bitch and push your pain on other people, man up and do something with your life and through action and attitude thwart the goals of terrorists everywhere.

              men of the greatest generation would look at you and puke because you can't man up.

              • heatandmotion

                It's not about crying about it, its the fact that they're building a structure that so blatantly and obviously mocks the entire 9/11 event. They can't even call it a memorial, instead its "coincidence" that it looks the way it does. It's disrespectful to thousands upon thousands of people, not all of whom are american, such as myself.

                • Lux

                  Please excuse me while I go yell over a very offensive mushroom that blatantly resemble the clouds that towered over two decimated cities.

                  • assman

                    hahahaha, SICK BURN

                    heatandmotion, I don't know if you are aware but what you did in response to what I said was indeed CRYING…BOOM LAWYERED

              • kallen

                You are a complete fucking idiot. Do you not pay any attention to the news? Do you have any idea about reparations? Do you hear anything about what happens in Europe.

                Man up? Where the fuck do you live?

              • fifa

                Not to mention that those bombs killed for YEARS after they had been dropped. The number of stillbirths etc was enormous thanks to radiation.

    • Drewski

      My thoughts exactly. They obviously weren't trying to offend anyone. People need to stop being so sensitive.

    • Underbaker

      I didn't see the 911 connection until it was pointed out, but I also didn't see the Cloud in the middle thing either, I just thought it looked like a couple of buildings with cancer growing out the middle

      • SimonPhoenix

        RIGHT!! Did anyone else think

        "Still not as weird as Japan?"

      • codus

        I'm a building with cancer and this offends me

      • Dick Salad

        Made me think of minecraft tbh… anyone else?

    • Coffee omnoms

      Political Correctness is retarded. Its completely irrational.

      My father was killed in combat, so i should be offended that other people are walking around hanging out with there dads?

      See how ridiculous it is.

    • Hah

      1295 likes. Rock on!

    • Dickie

      That's a stretch saying this 'cloud' building looks anything like the world trade centers during 911.

    • Callista

      THANK YOU!!!! I SAY THIS ALL THE TIME!!! (although I accidently pressed thumbs down… I'm really sorry)

    • kallen


    • abjh226

      well said! It is an awesome idea, we should applaud such creativity!!!

  • Nick


    • PanchoSV

      Oh, so now nobody can build two towers next to each other anymore? I find it fascinating how you people can relate everything back to 9/11.

      • Horsehat shitake

        You people, what do you mean "you people"??

        • Osama

          He means American Assholes

          • Village Idiot

            he meant that as a joke.. not that I'm disagreeing with you.

    • yup

      Get over it, you're not the center of the world.

      • Cynical or not

        According to who? Everyone desperately trying to get rid of their US dollars to buy the Euro when our economy started dipping hard? Considering how there are more US dollar bills outside the States then there are inside, I would beg to differ.

        It is cute how the world hates America right now, but without us where would you be? Lemme guess: A world in peace? Thinner? Less Christian? Etc etc etc? Nah, you'd be exactly the same as you are now, except you wouldn't have the automobile, airplanes, or the microprocessor – much less anything else even slightly tied to those things.

        "Oh but what has America done for me lately?" Are you living in the Middle East? Odds are, we invaded you. Other than that, pretty much nothing except foreign aid. America is nothing more than the cool kid to pick on right now, but once we weaken enough as a super power and someone else takes over as the global leader, you'll all hate on them. The world stage is nothing buy high school and you are all the bitchy girls who hate the alpha female for whatever stupid reason you can find. Dumb bitches.

        • vvv

          Its people like you that annoy everyone about america. Nobody said they hate america, they just said you are not centre of the world, yet you took it as a vicious attack, I mean jeez… You say you are the "cool kid to pick on right now", but what you really are is the kid who keeps bragging about how great they are and thinks they are cooler than everyone else. Not surprising that some people get tired of it

          • Cynical or not

            Fancy words for a guy named vvv. In America, we capitalize our names to show that we are important. Not like you mister… whatever the hell you are.

            BTW, it is center not centre. Get it right. If you want to have an intelligent conversation with your American superior, then I suggest you learn to spell properly.

            Oh, and we don't think we are cooler than everyone else. I mean, who else has used a nuke? We have used two. If that ain't hot shit, then I don't know what is. You want us to apologize for being elite and cutting edge? Well what more can I expect from some liberal-hippy foreigner. This isn't a race to see who can get their participation ribbons at the same time. This is real life. And either you are American (or one of our underlings, like the UK, Australia or Canada [America light]), or you are a loser.

            • grosse graine

              Centre is use in Canada huh!

            • Osama

              @ Cynical or not
              "I mean, who else has used a nuke? We have used two. If that ain't hot shit, then I don't know what is."

              Wow. Just wow. You guys are offended by a building looking the slightest bit similar to your WTC buildings and yet are proud you nuked Japan. Americans can't be taken seriously.

              And I love how you dismiss the small issue of the US invading middle eastern countries.
              Americans are assholes. That's why we hate you. Not because you're the cool kid. You never were. The Greeks were, the Persians were, the Romans were, England was at one point and now it's Japan ironically. You wanna talk cutting edge tech, then it's all about Japan. Not you. Your steroetype is fat, lazy and dumb. Sound like the cool kid to you? Think about it.

              • Cynical or not

                Aww fucking Chive is gonna censor my post. Liberal turncoat hippies. Why don't you censor these assjack foreigners instead for trashing the country that gave you the chance to make a great living doing nothing but drinking yourselves to death and looking at picture all fucking day you lazy assholes. How can you justify taking off for the holidays when your entire life is a holiday?

                Ah, where do we draw the line between trolling and getting my IP banned by the Chive?

                • Osama

                  Yeah. Still not the cool kid.

                • dylan

                  you give america a bad rep u d bag

            • jb3

              god damn youre a douche

              • jb3

                @Cynical or not that is

              • josh

                (i'm American, and) i agree.

                • Cynical or not

                  Fucking draft dodging faggot.

    • Ted Stevens

      it's as subtle as a sledgehammer to the skull and there are still retards on here saying they don't see it, talk about willful blindness.

      • @McBeastie666

        What would be the purpose of S. Korea to intentionally build something to look like the WTC on 9/11? What's their gain? The design is based on a logo on their website of a cloud in front of a two buildings. I could possibly see North Korea pulling some shit like this intentionally, but not South Korea. You're looking for something that's not there Ted.

    • 42444

      fuck off pussy.

    • Jack_LeMac

      Should we ban wave pools at water parks so as not to offend tsunami victims? Come on

    • spaz hater

      god what a spaz you are nick.

    • force king

      bell end

  • chiefer

    Meh, they’re buildings. Cool looking if You ask me.

  • ronnie clayton

    Very cool, not offensive.

    • www

      i actually would love to go when this is done, that looks so intense on the inside.

    • JerkFace

      Fuck Korea and fuck you! I don't actually care about the building I just think you're an asshat.

    • Groggy

      I'm with ronnie clayton (well, not literally…and we're not like an item or anything….screw you you know what I mean).

      Besides, the rest of the world has to base their building designs around our oversensitive bullshit? Other countries can build whatever the fuck they want.

      It honestly didn't even bring 9/11 to my mind. You did, Chive. You and your bullshit.

    • Hungryhippo

      No it's not, it's hideous, and not because of what people think it is. It just looks straight up ugly. Like a child's lego creation.

    • YoutubeMemes

      I think its an awesome building, But I believe TheChive should stay away from anything that could be a politically controversial topic. I'm sure you guys don't want to cause disharmony among fellow Chivers right?

  • Anonymous

    Get over it. Its a fukn building innocent people die everyday and the people responsible either get away with it or put in prison where they live comfortably on your tax dollars because of liberal bullshit.

  • frankus

    well now they can ask al qaeda to help them vs north korea

    • www

      .. how does this even make sense?

      • 123

        Exactly, like al Qaeda has a phone

    • kallen

      Totally agree! Let's get our troops out of there, sit back, and watch what happens.

  • Ken

    That is absolutely amazing… genius and I don't think that was the intention…

    • Nick

      intention or not there has to be at least one person in that room that says "wait a second guys this is a horrible idea."

      • Ken

        Okay, I am from the US, consider myself very conservative, served in Iraq, am the furthest thing from politically correct, and am not offended by a building that some people say looks like the twin tower travesty… I remember where I was when it happened… I remember it vividly but come on people, enough already.

      • b-ry

        really? you're just looking to be offended, aren't you? find a more productive way to spend your time. seriously.

      • Bob the Builder

        you're an idiot

      • you're dumb

        why the hell would an architect from the NETHERLANDS say wait a second guys this is horrible….

      • @McBeastie666

        I'm sure there was one asshole in the room that said "wait a second guys this is a horrible idea." And then he was promptly fired for being a reactionary prick.

      • fivesixseven

        I think it's more likey that the building's designers aren't, and never were concerned with the misguided, delusional opinions of hyper reactive right-wing fanatics that never gave two fucks about NY or NYers before 9/11/2001, like Nick here.

    • Liz

      Isn't this an exact plot-line from a "How I Met Your Mother" episode?

  • Rob

    Americans need to stop making everything about them.

    • Osama

      I agree.. It's a fucking building.. Nothing more..

      p/s I'm not dead

      • Innocent Bystander

        Son of a Bit-

        • Osama

          you know it

    • Flicka

      You're damn right, Rob. I immediately thought of some sci-fi landscapes I've seen/read, not 9/11.

    • Never about Me

      I hate when non Americans say I need to stop making everything about me… DUDE all i do is stay at home with my wife playing video games and look at the chive while at work… What is awesome is even though I don't agree with what you say I believe you have every right to say it.

      • .p[

        if you're one of those Americans that it doesn't pertain to, then don't respond. derp.

        • Oblivious

          But…it's about all of us. Because it's always about us. Didn't you read the OP? Dipshit!

    • Markus

      You need to stop generalizing so much. There are over 350m people in this country. I certainly didn't think of the World Trade Center when I saw this.

      • The Greek

        Then you are a total moron. Intentional or not, show a picture of that building to 1,000 Americans and 990 will say, "Wow, that looks just like the towers ofter the planes hit them." A good point was made above, didn't someone in the room say "This is a horrible idea." At least someone should have said, let's change the shape of the buildings so they don't look so much like the twin towers,

        • LTBeas

          Well you could move there, troll.

        • Game Ovaries.

          i'm an american and i think you're the moron. why should someone in the room have said it was a horrible idea to make a pair of artfully constructed buildings? it is great to keep the memory of 9/11, don't get me wrong, but they're in south korea and the twins towers is probobly the last thing they thought of. game ovaries.

        • Yooper

          I agree, the resemblance is undeniable and no matter how hard you try to convince me I don't believe that not one person on the building project didn't think to themselves, "hey, this kind of looks like the world trade centers." And if you really think this was an honest mistake then you are insulting the intelligence of these South Korean architects and you're an idiot. And whatever happened to American pride?? Yeah so what if we believe the world revolves around us and we are the best country in the world? Guess what? that's what got us here to begin with, that's what makes us the most powerful and prosperous nation ever. Our Forefathers would be turning over in their graves if they new how pussy this country is turning into…you all should be ashamed. Show some dignity and take a history class and learn what it means to call yourself and "American" Just sayin'….

          • USA

            Keep suckin' that dick. Keep sucking that star-spangled dick. Oh, ohh, oooooohhhh! I just red, white, blue all over your face! Aughhh!!!!

          • Chairman Meow

            NOBODY in the rest of the world gives a fuck about how the twin towers looked. stop the whining.

        • adamcoasttocoast

          It's their country, let them do what they will. If it's a twin towers representation then fuck them, otherwise calm the fuck down.

          • SanDiego

            fucking whiny ass americans. and im an american

            • Iiew

              agreed(also American).

              • Phil

                Agreed (a canadian)
                Who know that not all american thing the american "way"

          • BOOM

            It's their country, that we support through our military backing and aid.

        • The Czech

          Yeah except it doesn't look anything like a plane just hit a building, it looks like two Jenga towers merged into one in the centre.
          It's a frigging great thought out design of blending two buildings together.

          • USA! USA!

            fuck that! blow that shit up for 'merica! fuck yeah!

            • Name


      • kallen

        Well, you're fucking stupid Markus. Go jerk yourself again!

  • Hates You

    Just because the U.S thinks the world revolves around it, doesn’t mean the rest of the world cares. It’s just a building. People need to relax

    • SPD

      But……it simply does.

      • Tired of the USA

        In truth, the rest of us in the world find the USA to be highly annoying….and overly full of itself! You don't hear of people traversing an ocean just to back pack, and bum around the states. You have a weak, and uninspiring culture, and are entirely too wrapped up in yourself.

        • West Nile

          And you surf the Chive.

        • Cynical or not

          Uninspiring culture that makes up 80% of the entire worlds pop-culture. Yeah, think before you type.

          • Chairman Meow

            Yeah and of that pop-culture 100% is uninspiring (neolib capitalist) culture.

            • DMAC

              That is why no matter what country you go to there are people trying to emulate it? Really, you have no case, just stop parroting what your parents taught you and think for yourself.

          • Tati

            lol. as if that pop-'culture' was really nice culture instead of stupid BS with tits and lack of talent

        • Osama

          I completely agree. Their culture is fast food, media entertainment and tech to make easier work even easier. Come on. If that isn't weak and uninspiring, I don't know what is. And you wonder why you get the fat, lazy and dumb stereotype. Every other country has its own special culture to offer. Not Americans. Have you ever heard the joke:
          What's the difference between Americans and yoghurt?
          If you leave yoghurt alone for 200 years, it'll grow a culture.

          • fdsa

            So with the country with the "least culture" how come we have such a large diverse culture. We have people from every corner of the world living in the USA, so how do we have no culture if we have people from every other area of the world, that makes no since…

        • bob

          so entirely wrapped up in ourselves we dont even save you from any of your wars… oh shit wait…

          • Tati

            you START those wars. what have you forgot in Iran or Livia? Oil that does not belong to you. or may be your sadistic psychos need new victims for 'games' in Guantanamo? GTFO

            • bob

              ya ill agree we started those wars, but we didnt save anyone from those wars but are pocket books, my question is how can we start "your wars" i dont beleive that the usa started ww1 or 2 but i could be wrong since im just a dumb american…

    • JOHN

      Stop visiting american websites. If your culture is so awesome why do use so many idioms from the US. Hypocrisy……

      • Chairman Meow

        When did the interwebz became separated by nation-state borders? (SOPA! SOPA! SOPA!)

    • schnit123

      Not to mention that it was a Dutch newspaper that first broke the story.

    • vargr80


    • FlipdarkfutureAU

      The rest of the world doesn't give a rat's ass about if America's feelings are hurt. Get a grip.

    • The Mad Zak

      Hates You: I can understand why you would say that. It is because you are a moron.

      Over 3000 innocent people died in the 9/11 attack, and it is still recent enough to have people alive who lost loved ones. It is ridiculous that someone would think this design would not evoke scarred memories.

      • Chairman Meow

        NOBODY OUTSIDE THE US CARES!! It is in S-Korea for fuck sake!

        • cat sat rules

          How about i make something that looks like Alcatraz … Since no one cares about the Jews. Or i could make a amuesment park that looks like hiroshima aftermath. You just dont do shit like that, and its very ignorant to say that the rest of the world didnt care that over 3000 innocent people died… Some not even from the USA. It's funny since we always seem to save Europe during the world warz (and asia/australia in the 2nd). Also, I have visited Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Phillipines, and Italy. All of these places other then Italy were very curious about the USA and most of the women would do just about anything to go back with me to the USA. So i find you very ignorant.

          Extra note: i dont beleive they did this on purpose

  • Will

    Fucked up yo. Your welcome for you freedom by the way

    • Rob

      Freedom from what? That's the bs excuse your US Government tells you when it wants to start another pointless war.

      • DrLeppiwinks

        He can't spell you're* so disregard his comment

        • drleppwinks

          actually it is correct. you're* would have been incorrect so we'll disregard your comment

          • Mito

            Will's "Your" is wrong. Rob's "Your" is correct.

          • Steveleen

            Actually it is incorrect. You're is you are. You are welcome= You're welcome. Your implies ownership. Is that your ship? How was your day? Your welcome, sorry pal, doesn't work. Americans need to brush up on there grammar. It's funny nobody picked up on 'for you freedom'. That is where your should have been.

            • mr h

              Americans need to brush up on 'their' grammar, is that what you meant???

              • sigh

                this entire thread is ridiculous

      • dzgg

        Korean War

      • etcrr

        Rob, you are obviously either ignorant of facts or the victim of propaganda.Thankfully you have the internet to help teach you the truth. Do some homework and find out how wrong you are thank you

        • dub

          love how you never actually give any details, Stan. you're a moron.

    • DDT

      Do you have any knowledge of the Korean War?

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Are you military will? Did you serve during WWI or WWII? If no to both, STFU, if yes to the first and no to the second, you fought against tyrants and terrorists for other peoples freedoms. Not a single Americans, so again, shut the fuck up.

      • Uncle Sam

        WTF does that have to do with anything? Just because a bunch of 18 year old boys were given guns and told to kill other humans…doesn't mean they were stopping tyranny or terrorism. You just happened to be on the 'winning' side, so you get to call yourself right.

    • Will is a Idiot

      Why is that every army and military person thinks we owe them anything for the freedom we have in America? It's not like you fought in the American Revolutionary War. So what freedom am I thanking you for again? Last time I checked the USA never had to defend its self from another country trying to take America over. I just don't get it.

      • Fuck it

        Japan? Pearl Harbor?

        • @Exile714

          Japan was just attacking us because we had oil and they needed it. True story.

          • エリ-ククフタ

            Really? Hope you get back to this comment. I'd like to see a source or an article. I've never heard that theory before. Please go on sir…

    • Silky Johnson

      "Thanks, Will" – All of South Korea

    • mrcromartie

      yeah, 'cause Americans totally, like, INVENTED freedom. amirite?

    • Rush Limbaugh

      don't forget smoking pot.

    • AdamBaldick


    • Gus

      What is it with americans and freedom? I just don't get it…

    • thunder cunt

      my god your a fuckin idiot MERICA

    • Alistair

      … So what about the Middle East's freedom?
      Contrary to your beliefs America don't actually solve or end wars, they come in at the end to claim the glory.

    • CultofPersonality

      you're welcome for your freedom by the way*

    • Will

      Americans fight for banks now. You no longer fight for freedom. You fight for derivitaves and opium.

    • Lala

      I am in the US Navy and am a dedicated Cherry( Chiver + Berry). Most of the guys in my work center, the largest work center at our command, are dedicated Chivers, Full throttlers and Brigaders! Your welcome for YOUR Freedom Will! From someone who has to make plenty of sacrifices for your freedoms, your comment is ridiculous. It. is. a. FUCKING BUILDING! And wonderful, a piece of art. It looks like what it should be, not what you want it to be. I watched, as it happened, the destruction of those buildings and and the murder and harm of all of those people which echoed throughout the world! They are NOT the SAME THING! Just Fucking Sayin! Because Everyone always just has some shit to say!!!

      • Lala


    • carlos

      hahahah bush´s laghing i rule!! (fucking retarded asshole!!)

  • Tank

    People are too sensitive

    • japseye

      fap chafe's a bitch

  • Anonymous

    Honestly… Who cares if it kinda looks like the twin towers? It also kinda looks like two tall towers going through a cloud. Seems cool to me.

    …Just sayin.

  • dina

    I don't really see the resemblance between the two towers. Clearly in the last picture, the twin towers only has one building surrounded by a smoke cloud, the one from Seoul has the two combined together by a "cloud". C'mon, not everything is about us. :/

    • TheAutomaticMan

      yeah, i agree… there's no fire or anything on the Korean buildings. No planes either.

    • Jak

      Don't get me wrong, I got the point of the post and noticed the resemblance but I just thought, "No, no, no. They got it all wrong. One tower needs rising smoke from the top and the other needs an explosion lower down. Goddamn Asians!"

  • Dunderfart

    This should be an internet rule: If something exist, somewhere someone be offended.

    • Dunderfart


    • SimonPhoenix

      It is a rule.

      The other internet rule: Haters gonna hate.

    • Chive Veteran

      and the chive staff will jump on the bandwagon of being offended, expect their fanbase to go along with it, then issue an apology or try to sweep it under the rug. happens every other month like clockwerk.

    • newlimit

      its not a rule its a given

    • The Greek

      Eventually this will all relate to WW2

  • Wanderhome

    In all honesty, I didn't even think of the Twin Towers when I first saw the pictures. It took the text to point it out to me, and even so, it still doesn't really look the same. So, yeah, offended fail.

    • Flicka

      Yea. Looks more like future sci-fi buildings.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Sorry but I'm a Canadian and immediately saw the twin towers. Not trolling, just my opinion.

  • EveryonesThinkingIt

    Just saying what? If your offended by this have a huge sand castle built into your vagina.

    • 1madhatter

      well said, soooo much sand in this post's vagina. shame on you Leo, get over it my man.

    • japseye

      gotta love a sandy snatchle bag

  • justabuilding

    There are a lot of better ways that they could of made the buildings follow the 'cloud' theory. While it is awesome looking, its not a politically correct design

    • fritz müller

      get a life…

    • Kevin

      Really, who cares if it's politically correct or not? Why the does everything have to be politically correct? PC bullshit…

    • Kang

      politically incorrect according to who?? Do the Koreans need permission to build something according to the U.S. standards now?

    • Bob

      And who says people should be politically correct?

    • Yesindeedits

      why do South Koreans need to be politically correct to America in 'their' building designs???

    • You suck, you pussy

      Didn't know a building could be "politically correct." Perhaps the fact that the Washington Monument resembles a big dick is offensive to you? Get bent.

  • darthsodomizer


    • ???

      What is it good for?

      • SimonPhoenix

        absolutely nuuuh-thing!

        • Jackie Chan

          wahHuHHUhhh…hhYEahguh! did i do that right guyz?

      • OpMongoose

        Say it again!!!

  • Mac

    I didn't think of 9/11 at all when I saw them. I just think it's an example of creative and ambitious architecture.

  • Jim

    The structures should be gray, then have the "cloud" part of the buildings white. THEN it would look like a cloud. Either way, I don't find it offensive. Ugly and stupid, yes. Offensive, no.

    • Flicka

      ANd a big-ass plane floor sticking out.

    • Chuck

      You should shut your mouth. THEN people would listen to you. Either way, I don't find it offensive. Ugly and stupid, yes. Offensive, no.

      See what I did there?

      • @McBeastie666

        Q: "See what I did there?"

        A: Be an asshole?

  • spin

    #1 where did waldo?

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