Seoul, South Korea’s ‘The Cloud’ buildings are immediately offensive (7 photos)

  • Brandon

    <–American….not offended at all. I think it's a cool design

  • peterete

    do you really thing that the world lives around that day?

    Dude… is a cool awesome building… thats all

  • @yo4drien

    yeah im sure they spend years on this design to offend americans. its all a conspiracy!

  • Heavy D

    You're offended? Quit being a huge pussy & don't live there. Problem solved.

  • bryainiac

    I honestly think people are overreacting, it's an amazing looking building.

  • johnsmitty

    Why is this offensive? I'm an American and I don't find this offensive at all. And please STOP POSTING STUFF LIKE "What if the someone built a park shaped like a swastika and called it the Oven." Millions of people died in WWII and it was a WORLD WAR. 911 involved how many deaths and how many country's? your sense of scale is skewed immensely. Now please stop making us Americans look like retards, you are why 911 happened.

  • http://Huskers79 Andrew

    If you’re not offended by this you are a joke of a human being….heavy d that’s directed at you

  • URBI Da T4NK

    They should paint the cloud cloud part dark red, then the building would look much better…….

  • lol

    absolutely hilarious how you americans get butthurt over these things. someone builds a building that resembles a cloud and everyone of you starts screaming lol

  • Meno

    This buildings look pretty cool I thinck im going to South Korea. Pretty elaborate design and who cares if any one gets offended. Its not like they can do anything abou it.

  • diego

    Oh common, America Get over it, offended by a couple of buildings? OMG that is new…..
    Americans think they are the center of the damn planet. Now Im really pissed.

    KOREA & the Netherlands TROLLS NYC


  • Lickmah bawls

    Spelled S E O U L wrong…
    Kill one its a tragedy, kill a million its just a statistic.

    Why get mad bro'?

  • teh ridiculous

    Seriously? Some americans are getting offended by this? Im american…i honestly looked at the picture for five minutes straight trying to figure out what was so offensive about it. Then i read that it was the US getting offended that it looks like the WTC on 9/11…you fucking kidding me?? God americans get so offended by everything nowadays…grow a pair of balls for fucks sake and shut the hell up. You’re the ones who make us look bad. Idiots….


    Fuck all of you bastards that aren’t offended. Everyone of you son of a bitchs can thank the American milatary for what your grobling asses have now. When America’s gone your asses will be too.

    • teh ridiculous

      Chill out dude, why should i be offended? These are buildings, and even if there were actually built for the soul purpose of offending me, too bad. It didnt work. I dgaf

  • dave

    I pretty sure the Iraq war was a greater act of terrorism, seeing as it had a length of over 9 year and holds a much greater death toll. Oh but I’m forgeting that when its American morals and standards that are being forced by threat of violence its not terrorism its just justice right? Cause its not like there werent WMDs in Iraq and Osama wasn’t actually in Pakistan.

  • Anon

    You guys are such freaking trolls. No one cares anymore, I’m American and I couldn’t give a fuck. Anyone claiming America is upset is trolling!

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  • josh

    looks like some rockin architecture to me

  • Andrew Batiz

    this is creative as hell, but i highly doubt they spent this much money to say fuck you to America, come on people, be rational

  • simonAU

    looks great.
    and no its not offensive

  • Meh

    Great way to fuck up an incredible building.

    This is an incredible design by a brilliant studio with no ill intentions except to push forward conceptual commercial architecture and programming. Why associate it with such a traumatic event?

    I agree some sensitivity towards a global catastrophe must always be practiced, but to 'blame' the architects for conceiving such an 'offensive' design is not just really fucked up but also quite selfish. If you actually think that the architects planned this building to offend people then you're obviously too fucking ignorant and self-centred to have an opinion.

    And oh yeah……….. Chive…………… +1 for Xenophobic tags.

    Tag: Foreigners.

    Really Chive? Really?

  • edlib111

    I am way late on this but had to say something. I find it funny that everyone is so quick to bash the US and tell our country who it is. If you are not from here how the fuck would you know anything about our country. Books can lie too and sometimes do. I'm not gonna tell you we are the greatest country in the world even though I believe so because I live in the US. You really think we just sit around all day eating donuts watching reality TV like fucking zombies. It is so easy to believe what you hear and spout it of your mouth like it is gospel or fact. I have a simple rule that has served me well over the years if I was not there or didn't see it then I DO NOT SPEAK ABOUT IT. All the foreign people on this post I guess feel that they are so much more enlightened then us dumb assholes that they can educate me about myself as a American by what they Heard or have seen on TV or read in there own history books written by there country men. I am not educated enough to speak on foreign policy or what this country did or that country and this not a comparison and honestly I used to like foreign people but after reading this crap you can all kiss my ass.
    If you can't see the correlation between the 2 buildings then your blind. maybe it was not the intent and I'm not going to comedown on the architect for the design but COME ON. 2 square buildings with a "cloud" or what ever coming out of the center. Why not round buildings, or triangle, Don't tell me you can build a floating cloud hanging in between 2 buildings and not make them round. It is a easy fix and nobody would have said anything. Leave it up the Americans to come up with the simple solution's why the Europeans talk. In life there are doers and there are talkers I would rather be a doer. As for anyone that hates Americans then come live with a real American middle class working family and see that we are the same and want the same things. I have no time for assholes that judge me on hearsay or the opinions of others.

  • Lerp

    Because anything that happens anytime anywhere always has to do with yanks.

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