• Ade


    • Recoiled

      You are not the first douche

    • bmw11585

      True & entertaining…..

  • Anonymous

    Turable just turable

  • KillinTime

    They forgot “Can I borrow money for shopping?”

    • http://Thinkattack.com Danny

      You spelled “have” wrong.

  • SunnyD

    I know my boyfriend is gonna send me this video later … Shit

    • Ralph

      Don't worry Sunny, he sends it to all his girlfriends

      • Graphix


  • Anonymous

    They forgot “where’s the kitchen”?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gera83 Gera Guerrero

    I don’t get it. No I’m kidding…but seriously I don’t get it

  • Mike

    Holy Crap – it's not just MY girlfriend that's like that! Thank you Chive for posting this….Chive – relationship saver, haha!

    • dominantone

      every damn one of them.

  • Berto

    Chive tax

  • http://Thinkattack.com Danny

    How did he get Juliette Lewis??

    • SimonPhoenix

      I"m guessing meth or coke?

      • Toby

        SimonPhoenix you are funny as sh*t !!!

        • SimonPhoenix

          Thanks brothah!

    • poop face

      That was here!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully not a new trend

  • Anonymous

    Sucked. Daniel Tosh did a way funnier one

  • WTF

    If they didn’t have vaginas there would be a bounty on them.

  • Claudia

    hahaha awesome!

  • misschris

    "Hey, are you near a computer?" LoL Damn…. I've been called out….

  • l_marge

    Well…dang. I do at least 70% of that. Oh well. At least I've got titties!

    • AllMenArePigs.

      Rub it in 😦 or them 😉

    • SimonPhoenix

      Well Said, mam. Well Said.

      Now pics or GTFO!

      • l_marge

        November 29, 2001 DAR. Picture 46. I've made my contribution.

        • SimonPhoenix

          Why yes you have! They are LOVELY! You are lovely .. I really enjoyed the whole air compressor blowing on them.

          Thank You for allowing me to a put a face to those sexy FLBP!

          Keep Calm and Chive On!

          • l_marge

            Thanks! I like them too. Chive on!

            • eclipze

              holy shit, I thought I've been to this site long enough. LOL. 2001 , *salutes* to the royal chivette.

    • sandviper

      that is the best reply you could have possibly given

    • TitoRigatoni

      Thumbs up because titties 🙂

    • Toby

      TITTIES!!! Wait…..what was i just doing????

  • KCJake

    Did somebody punch Juliette Lewis in the mouth?

    • Toby

      The mouth, nose, chin, cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

  • Craigery

    I kept waiting for the punchline, but none ever came.

  • mike

    "could you please not do that" man, i hear that 3x a day, every day

  • rachel

    guilty as charged….

  • dina

    Can I just say that not all girls act like this, and if you do, its the kind myself ,as a girl, does not make friends with. I felt so annoyed watching this.

    • uhhh

      you mean you felt SO annoyed?

    • Flicka

      Of course not all girls act like this. I respect and admire your standards. But the truth is, this kind of thing is so widespread that most of us guys are forced to say, "yea well she talks kind of stupid like any girl but she really is nice." *shrug* I guess I'm not really counterpointing you, it's just the difference between the male and female perspective. Like, "meeting someone great and falling in love happens when you least expect it!" Which is often (but of course not always) only true if you're female. If you're male and over, say, 30, you really have to get off your ass because that great girl simply isn't going to "just happen" for you and certainly not "when you least expect it."

      So uuuuhhh… I dunno. Thanks for not talking all stupid, I suppose.

      • MeanieMouse

        aw cute story, bro 😉 …. 😐

    • Scott

      Hit a little too close to home did it?

    • Da Sandman

      no, you can't.

  • bug

    nailed it….so funny

  • bmw11585

    True & entertaining

  • SolidusSnake420

    Was that zach craiger of WKUK?

    • sweetbabyjesus

      pretty sure it was!

  • SDC

    well done
    bitches be crazy

  • All methed up

    This was pretty funny, I’ve heard women say every single one

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