Celebs hanging with celebs (30 Photos)

Via awesomepeoplehangingouttogether

  • ChRis

    #28 Oh gee uhm…I wonder what they were doing!! haha! Puff puff give!

  • its_forge

    #4 The Thin White Duke lived for 10 years on nothing but milk, red peppers, and cocaine. Can ya tell?

  • its_forge

    #12 So much testosterone concentrated in one place that women *still* aren't allowed in that room.

  • its_forge

    #24 "Sixteen. You?" "Aw I nailed twenty-one chicks yesterday afternoon Frank, you're just slackin' dude."

  • Ricky

    #8 Fucking awesome, Kurusowa and Coppola

  • Compound9

    @ #30. F-ing perfection

    @ #3 The Bill fucking Murray really does tie the room together.

  • goober

    This was an awesome post!!! Thnx chive

  • its_forge

    Noop, not even one minute of it. I have however been in the Marketing business for 20 years and 2 years of journalism in college before that. I know better than average writing when I see it.

  • Anonymous

    Old school yes. All else no. Post o.k. less the douches next time.

  • Doctor_What

    I get sad sometimes when I see pictures of him that remind me of what he used to be before the crazy set in. He was handsome, talented, gifted with a fantastic voice and feet… and look at that smile! He was charming! What the hell happened!?

  • you know it

    #7 hover hands

  • Franklin1138

    Thought #4 was Tilda Swinton and Lindsay Lohan.

    #20 Levon Helm is my fucking hero. He got throat cancer, was told he'd never sing again. He beat it, and released an album of him and his family singing. It's incredible.

    • adam

      yaa one won 2 fuckin grammys

  • Head Chef

    #1 & #26 I have no idea who these poeple are :S

  • Allie H

    #16 Ahh, but did she make it herself?

  • Dammit Jim.

    Here's what happened. Jack took Candice home, nailed her from behind and smoked one of her cigarettes. Art went home, alone, and waited for Twilight and the internet.

  • DaBoSS

    Awesome post

  • Jawbone

    #1 After a long hard day of making SNL unfunny.

  • Jawbone


    Douchebag parade.

  • Ben

    #14 Looks like an after and after picture.

  • pasurfer114

    #30 sammy davis, always a boss

  • meme1

    #21 HEY i want my yele haiti donation back you stealin prick

  • VanIsleChiver

    #27 who gots da stash?

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