Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Patrick

    #46 she is awsome

    • hockey dude 11

      Absolutely. What took you so long?

    • pip

      Very awesome!

    • MrMan13

      Moar of the Awesome Pls!

    • dustin


    • Eliel

      damn she looks so good. Chive On

    • Pouet

      I would give he r a 12 or a 13 out of ten.

    • Maud'dib

      She is damn sexy!

  • Patrick

    Oh and definatly #44 what a woman

    • James

      He looks like a hipster.

    • Natrick

      To quote the Oatmeal "If you put an 'A' in 'definitely,' then you are definitely an A-hole."

    • Maynard B.

      Almost makes me want to out and get kicked in the nuts!

    • Marine Dad

      Wow, not so sure where my nuts are, I think my wife threw them away!

    • Justin

      Boston Fitness shirt?

    • thisIsMyComment

      Polo hey ? Well aren't you fancy ?

    • SavoyStud

      It actually makes being rammed in the nuts seem not that bad ๐Ÿ˜›

      Rock on Melissa!

      • http://www.facebook.com/michellllesays michelle


        • SavoyStud

          SHIT… way to make a fool of myself… >_<

          Can you ever forgive my apparent inability to read?

          • http://www.facebook.com/michellllesays michelle


            nah i'm over it.

            • SavoyStud

              Haha! I know i'll be double checking my posts in the future.

              Also I can't stop looking at that 2nd picture of you, I can't quite figure out the posture you were in to make that shot. Between that shadows, and the lighting I just can't quite put it together. Any chance you could describe it to me? I mean, if not I guess i'll just be stuck staring at your beautiful picture until i figure it out myself :-p

    • Paul

      Can someone explain to me how this whole thing happened? Does word just get around about this guy getting rocked in the nuts? I'm confused.

    • myshoesareonfire

      damn. shes cute as hell and she baked him cookies?and a letter too? selfless and beautiful? thats fucking rare these days.
      ..on another note i wonder what kinda cookies they were. probably chocolate chip but if they were oatmeal raisin shes as close to perfect as possible.

      • http://www.facebook.com/michellllesays michelle


        and there were chocolate chip ones and peanut butter ones.. with hershey kisses and peanut butter cups in the tin too.. i asked him what his favorite were first OBVIOUSLY.

        and for the record, oatmeal raisin is my fav too.

  • http://thechive who?


    • wes

      that's my cousin… jerk

    • Dazilla

      Taylor Momsen for anyone who may not know.

    • Patrick

      She's certainly "grown into her nose" now.

    • Chicken
    • Eliel

      wow is that really her, she is grown up.

  • Stlcards

    I hope I can get support like ball boy did after I go under the knife Friday to see if they get all the cancer spots off my arm!! Lucky ass!!

  • Nsatt

    46, holy mother of gap you’re sexy. Breath easy and Chive On, we appreciate your contribution.

  • Alexander

    #44 I play polo too and cant imagine how you would hurt your testicles unless you have no idea what your doing…

    • Mr San Diego

      What a dick. Walk away dumbass….

    • LainbowLow

      You have no idea how grammar works but that didn't stop you from posting.

      • http://www.facebook.com/michellllesays michelle

        haha lainbowlow, that was perfect.

        love, ^that girl.

    • Eliel

      Wow she is Nice and Gorgeous.

    • Parker

      It actually wasn't from a polo accident, for some reason my email was interpreted that way. It's called intermittent torsion, and I'd explain it to you but I don't feed trolls. I just wasn't allowed to play for two weeks after the surgery.

      • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

        Hope you pull through man.

        Cheers and Happy Holidays


  • Jp

    #46 #47 there is a god.

    • Ollie

      Nope there isn't just the super awesome power of genetics.

  • cookiesndcream

    #34 makes me wanna cry because its so true…. your generation is fucked…

    • hornydude

      i wish i would have lived in the 70s.. it was a better life i think.

      • Jawbone

        Nothing else to do in the trailer park, looks like.

    • guest

      Yeah, too bad it's NOT true. Fuckin' confirmation bias

    • Casper

      Yes,fucked, that's why they're preggers.

  • phynix84

    #29 #41 #46 must be found! MOAR please!

    • Yea Yea

      #29 is a must!

    • hMMMM

      #41 first her face is fucking awesome

  • Clyde

    #41 my new background. FIND HER!!

  • forrester

    #29, #39, #48

    I know this has been said a thousand times, but I'll take a Chivette over a wafer-thin model any day of the week.

    • Matt

      I completely agree, however #29 is wafer-thin.

      • Jessica

        She is.

      • child.molester

        she is perfect…

        • Hobo with a shotgun

          You do realize that all the chivettes in the calendar are officially models now right? "Oh wait? what's that logic? we (pretentious chiver douche bags) are retarded? ok." Acting like you would fuck an average bitch over a super model is fucking retarded. Especially since the only reason you can truthfully give is because a model isnt giving you gamey ass the time of day. A man fucks his options and yours are limited. Awww sad.

          • its_forge

            Well it'd be more truthful if people would just say "given the choice between staring at a picture of a supermodel or one of a more ordinary girl-next-door type, I'd prefer to stare at the girl-next-door." And to be further truthful they could say "but frankly if practically any woman between the ages of 18 and about 45 or so would show any interest in me whatsoever I'd most likely act like their personal slave in gratitude for said attention."

            • laugher

              LOL…Well said, its_forge..

        • Truth

          Agreed. My kinda woman

      • Not the 80s

        anyone else sick of people calling themselves nerds/geeks?

        • SimonPhoenix

          sort of .. but come on man .. She is a Mathlete .. that's pretty fuckin nerdy. (but cool)

        • Jon

          Yeah, just because someone has seen Star Wars during their lifetime and enjoyed it, does not qualify them as a nerd.
          Somehow I don't think she really is a mathlete. Also, there's a football behind her.

          • neinfein


        • TRUTH


      • that_dude_b

        #29 fuck some of ^^^^ guys you rock!

    • Sheldon

      Girl in the top pic is not the same as the two on the bottom

      • its_forge

        Yes it is, look at the navel.

    • thinisin

      Or a wafer thin Chivette.

    • herpy

      you have never had sex..it's ok buddy..just keep wankin to the pics and one day you might get to pick and choose which vagina to stick you get to stick your penis in…but for now you only have two choices…left hand and right.

      • MIK24A2

        So if all the pics were taken in a mirror how does her tattoo move from the left side to the right from picture 1 to picture 2 and 3??

  • Jtrain

    Love 47

  • Whoopi_G

    #12 Aww…to be a shark right now.

    • The_Dood

      I'd go with dolphin as they have sex for pleasure… and are known to do it to humans as well.

    • Derbymon

      Hey! I rented that boat in Tulum and it warn't packed like that!

    • GroovMan

      I would sure eat them…

      Wait, what?

    • Smitty

      Mmmm yup. Swim right up and bite them in the ass.

  • jacob


    Sweet tapdancing Christ. Somebody give her the Fields Medal.

    • MattKL

      And the Official Seal of Awesomeness.

    • Guest

      I also have something to give her…..

    • Rocks Off

      Chive, I think we are definately going to need to see MOAR of this "geek". (hottest geek I've ever seen).

    • johnb

      and a sandwich.

    • raji

      We found the holy grail of geeks the search is over , from now on copy and paste

    • Smitty

      Geek? Somehow I doubt that.

      Real geeks have paid their dues, even bled at the hands of bullies and suffered for over 30 years before it was "cool" to be and to call yourself a "geek."

      Don't… just stop.

  • Will

    First page of comments! Quick! Think of something funny!!!!

    • pdiddily420

      That wasn't it. Think harder

    • SUCK IT


    • Smitty

      Aaaaand you failed.

    • Mutt

      Forgive Will, he usually on the short bus version of the internet

  • LIndsay


    Heavy is the head that wears the crown…

    • Jules-CO

      Slug quote= Awesome

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        Yeah Slug wrote that… right after Atmosphere wrote Hamlet.

    • Dude

      Mac, I love you.

  • crothel

    #41 absolutely gorgeous..MOAR

  • suckit_damon

    God I hate Matt Damon. Douche'

    • JLC

      Matt Damaaaaaaa

    • Petey

      well how do you feel about apples?

    • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

      Applesauce, bitch

  • finder


    Makes me want to go out and have a horse blast me in the nuts

    • fed

      makes me wonder how she got in touch with him… hmmm

      • Albert

        It was her horse… Conspiracy!

        • Bwhaha

          Back and to the left
          Back and to the left

      • Here's Johnny

        I couldn't have said it better myself. Chive On

    • Steveystevesteve

      Well how were the damn cookies?

    • Cass

      I had surgery on my left teste this morning (Ireland).. I wish I had some cookies.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Cookies?…If you're from Ireland getting teste surgery, you probably have no teste left :0

    • GreenNinja77

      Wish i woulda have known about the Chive last year when i was in the ICU for 2 weeks!

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      Should've sent that hipster a fucking razor.

      • Flicka

        lol u mad? etc.

    • http://facebook.com/michellllesays michelle

      i know him because we were acquaintances back in the day before he moved across the country, then he recognized me on the front page of SCAU over summer and we've been chatting ever since.

      and the cookies were delicious, obviously, i'm a chivette,

      • Anon

        Should be sending in some more pictures ๐Ÿ˜‰ he uhh might need more help recovering!

      • Parker

        I do not understand why people get so suspicious and mean. And the mustache was for Movember. OMG MUSTACHE HE MUST BE A FUCKING HIPSTER

        Love you michelle

        • DC89

          Props to you both…
          1. For raising money/awareness for men's health.
          2. For supporting a fellow Chiver when he needed it.
          3. For posting it for all to enjoy ๐Ÿ˜›

  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

    #4 still a bad ass

    • ROK247

      ugly christmas sweater WIN

      • Christian Lander

        Stuff White People Like #118, Ugly Sweaters

        Over the course of a calendar year, white people have ample opportunities for themed parties and drinking: Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco De Mayo are the most popular officially sanctioned holidays. But that does not mean that white people shy away from creating their own impromptu themes for parties and evenings- mustache party! ’90s prom! Designing Women!

        During the month of December, white people face an especially difficult challenge. This is the time of year when parties and drinking are most appropriate, but the most obvious theme of Christmas must be avoided. This is because Christmas forces Christianity upon others, and though their ancestors had no problem with this activity, modern white people are quite disgusted by the idea. Hanukkah parties are fun, but a bit too exclusive, and a Kwanzaa Party requires an enormous amount of physical, mental, and ironic labor that can only be done by the most elite of white people.

        White people needed to find a party that was completely without religious affiliations, but still connected enough to the idea of Christmas that they could serve eggnog and hot toddies. The answer: ugly sweater parties.

        These parties feature festive drinks, Christmas music by Sufjan Stevens, and most importantly, intentionally hideous sweaters. These ugly sweaters provide white people with an invisible shield that protects them from any criticism that might emerge if any Christianity accidentally slips into the evening.

        “Hey man, I love that Burl Ives song, but um, you let Silent Night slip into the mix. That’s kind of awkward because, you know, the Crusades?”
        White person points to sweater and makes a funny face.
        Order is restored.

        If you find yourself invited to one of these parties, you must begin your preparations immediately. Craftier white people have been searching used clothing stores since last Christmas, and so you should not expect to find anything of significant ironic value. Instead, your best hope is to see if any of your family members have an old sweater lying around.

        “Hey man, nice sweater. It’s so ugly.”
        “Yeah, when my family first got to this country we had to shop at Goodwill, this is the first one my father bought to get him through his first winter here. Good thing they didn’t have these parties back then, right? He would have died.”
        “Geez, man, I’m sorry, you can cut in line for egg nog.”

        • listenlady

          I feel sad for you ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

        • felix43

          Christian Lander, way to post something super long and un-funny.

          Your comment is about as funny as Schindler's List.
          p.s. suck a tidal wave of dicks

          • truth

            funnier than anything you or anyone else on the chive posts. certainly more original, that's for sure.

            • DrLeppiwinks

              and yet here you are… on the chive… "truth"

              • felix43

                thats the truth, Truth

            • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

              It's so original that the dude went to the blog "Stuff White People Like" (also available in book form, probably at Urban Outfitters) and copy and pasted onto the Chive comment section.

              • itio

                pretty much what the chive does with Reddit

          • Osama

            Speak for yourself. I thought it was funny. So, I guess we all learnt that just because one guy says it's unfunny doesn't mean that it's true.
            And ain't THAT the truth.

        • poopoo


        • Radam


    • SushiMutilator

      a man walk down the street in that sweater, people know he's not afraid of anything

    • NO WAY


      • neinfein

        that, and he's known for having three ways with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

    • BGO

      Scottie doesn't know.

      • Verruckt

        That Fiona and me do it in my van on Sundays

  • walkingtheriver

    #3 Learn to focus!!

    • BloodScrubber

      Still, it looks to be a fantastic Christmas this year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • slim

    #31….. Saw her open up for guns n roses in NJ…..she puts on a great show

    • Jimbo

      There's a 'Grinch Musical' that opens up for Guns N' Roses….I didn't know they were hurting that bad…

      • Hi, it's me Jill


    • neinfein

      your taste in music sucks.

      • b-ry


      • You suck

        Are you saying Guns n Roses suck? Is it because the Chive hasnt told you they're cool? What if I told you they are Billy Murray's favorite band?

        P.S You suck

        • dub

          Guns n Roses do suck. always have.

    • SimonPhoenix

      Who is this?

      • Dax

        Taylor Momsen

    • Kyle

      Appetite for Destruction was one of the greatest albums ever. You faggots need to stop listening to gay-ass Justin Beiber shit and grow a fucking dick.

      • Camarodude1987

        yeah but the GnR we have today is not the same that did Appetite, GnR sucks now Axl needs a diet

      • noooo

        …says the 13 year old.

  • Slick_Nick

    What an awesome way to end the day #48 thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ and i think it's safe to say we want Moar of #16 ChiveON

    • newscot

      2 of the most perfect humps ever on the chive. They both deserve a feature.

  • timmy

    #25 y u not let no fun?

    • BigRick69


  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

    #14 these people are so annoying…

    • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2


    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      Back in my grandfather's day Americans didn't piss around a "visit" Europe, we bombed the fuck out of Europe!

      • passwordistaco

        Comments like that = Why everybody hates America

        • lonin

          Everyone hates America, because it's America. Not because of some schmuck on the internet.

          • Some Schmuck

            No…its because of the schmuck

        • SimonPhoenix

          No EVERYBODY hates you. Don't confuse the two.

      • felix43

        This just makes me hate James Resch the ignorant volunteer firefighter in East Petersburg. Shit like this isn't funny, and to be clear Japan got the fuck bombed out of it. Europe still had fucks even when the nazis were also bombing it. Keep Calm and Chive On is taken from the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters the british government made to raise morale.

        please don't try so hard to make America look bad, and sincerely hope you choke on the next cock you stuff in your mouth

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

          Yous guys are just upset because your country isn't as awesome as the one this website was founded in!

          • felix43

            nope just upset you make our country look so bad. (I'm from California where Chive HQ is)

            also its upsetting to see how greedily you stuff cocks into your mouth like Kobayashi at a hotdog eating contest, dipping them in water first and cramming them down two at a time.

            please never leave your hometown the less people that have to deal with your unpleasant bullshit the better.

            • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

              Wow Felix I can't believe you care about me so much you'd take all that time to find my name and post it for everyone to see! You make my blush!

              • Mary Kay

                Felix43…brought to you by Mary Kay.

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