I found these girls while Tokyo Drifting around the internet (32 Photos)

  • Melody

    #23 is gorgeous!!! I’m a chick and I have a hard on…figuratively speaking 🙂

    • Dmack

      I agree. (I'm a guy and I just have a regular hard on…I mean an above average hard on…anyway, does anyone know who this is)?

  • Kodiko

    #25 who Is she? Anybody know? Shees smokin

    • Boxer555

      Heo Yun Mi if I am not mistaken.

    • guest

      Jeong Da-Yeon (Korea). Born in 1966.

  • Ish888

    Mmmm Asian persuasion!!! Gotta keep this one going on the reg!!

  • Mobleyone

    I’d put my chopstick in any one of them.

  • #23lookslikeasexdoll

    #23 MUST be famous! Me rikey! Anyone know who she is?

  • http://lijinunez@yahoo.co.in Eli from Texas

    now i feel like eatin some asian… And im not talking bout food… True story.

  • RichG.inIN

    A very bad choice for a title to this post and an even worse pick up line under pic #1. Do not ever use “Pick Up Lines” to try and meet women. Otherwise excellent pics and beautiful women.

    • john

      Chrissie Chau

  • ALC

    #10 god damn, ur the most beautiful girl I’ve seen, keep it a 10 baby

    • GGG

      Cj Miles

    • JDog

      Hate to break it to you! But I'm pretty sure she's a ladyboy I know

  • Dubvchiver

    Early final- glad it’s out of the way, pissed I’m up this early on a Wednesday and have to wait for hump day

    • mike

      try waking up every morning at 530am to a crying baby. gimme a break

      • solidarity

        Babies should come with a health and safety warning stamped on their foreheads. *MAY CAUSE INSANITY*

        4 month old had a screaming fit between 3.45 and 4.30 last night. JOY.

        • JOHN

          although dubvchiver is the biggest asshole. none of you are taking shrapnel from IEDs, or have wives being raped because they married out of their class. None of you have to fuck with global plague or famine, the uncertainty of whether or not your feudal lord will come and kill your family while you sleep. everyone stfu life is awesome.

          • theeemightybuck

            good morning to you too debbie downer. theres a reason we enjoy "first world problem" memes.

          • nate

            sounds like you should take your own advice there Johnny boy and stfu. You're worried about trolls on the chive commenting on pictures of hot asian broads and some dude who has a final exam…we don't come here to think about the problems of others that you just laid out. Thanks for ruining this post. Cya dick bag

          • Scott Hyder

            someone should take your Chive card. We are not here for your rants. Please google what it means to "Keep Calm and Chive On". Good day sir.

    • Wchiver

      Thanks for sharing your gayness w/us…grow up, anus breath

    • driz

      SHIT life is rough eh? did your mommy atleast make u a sandwich to take to school?

    • levi

      does dub chiver stand for dubuque chiver?

  • Gonzo

    Ayyyy Carambaaa!!! ME GUSTAA!

    • JOHN

      all gross. no mas chive

    • Irishstephen

      Wait, you realize that ASIAN and not Spanish right? Tho I DO agree with your enthusiasm…

      • AmBush_Steve

        #14 & #16 not asian I believe. Spanish? Mediteranian descent? Regardless, hot as a 3 dollar pistol.

      • Gonzo

        Well i use that phrase of expression no matter what i am talking about… 😀

  • BrianBrains

    This should be criteria for green cards.

  • Irishstephen

    #5 #2 #30 Why HerrroooOOOO!!!

  • Rokushi

    #2 #15 Perfect!

    • Anon

      Perfect if you like jacked up eyebrows and a man's face. #15

      • Rokushi

        Sorry, eyes focused on the ass

    • AnthonySyl

      15 is CJ Miles

      • Rokushi

        Thank you!

  • Farlok72

    1st… Dammit.. I wanna date an Asian girl…

    • 27kolraF

      You misspelled "fuck"

  • Get Real

    Statistically one or more are really boys – I just hope not #2 'cause she is nice to look at

    • dave

      i'd still hit it…….

      • JDB

        Meh, me too.

    • Noname

      That would make so sad if that was a ladyboy 😦

    • 2pumpdump

      thats why god made anal

    • Chris

      Yeah the one you singled out is the best but overall this post scares me because penis.

    • Phontsolo

      Your comment is stupid as hell. You're assuming all these Asian girls are Thai. Which they are not.

      • Chris

        I didn't know you had to Thai to be transgender…huh.

        • NaNamyNam

          No. But it is fact that there is more ladyboys.


      #2 trisha lynn
      God Damn im good!

  • Mr. I Love Cans


    • Boxer555

      Sayako Ando

      Former Gravure idol turned pornstar.

  • John

    A lot of good ones, but #2 & #32 are the ones that I looked at longest…. 🙂

    • hMMMM

      I personally liked #10 & always #23

  • JHarris

    #2 Wronder Wroman?

    • bemilm

      uuuhhhggg if you're gonna go with overplayed asian stereotyping in lieu of actual humor, at reast do it light.

  • nrvousbreakdnce

    #23, #28….yea

    • toban

      hahah #23 is being used in ads for a sex pick up site, on youporn

      • Cross

        Do we know who they are?

    • what?troll

      pretty sure #28 is a man

      • nrvousbreakdnce

        pretty sure you wouldn't say no if you were drunk

        • anonymous

          wouldn't say no if I was sober

  • Jazzyjeff

    Um no every girl busted. Jap/ slant eyes always try to hard to look good. Also they will attack u from the back when u don’t expect it. Stop your fetish Chive and stop with these little ugly girls.

  • Dorkfish

    Im not gonna say which one I like for fear it may have a dick

  • etcrr

    #8 mind the gap #15 Dat ass

  • Sylar

    WHO IS #10 ? WOAH!

    • zing

      cj miles

      • what?troll

        basketball player?

  • jedi

    #5 FRBB!

    • hMMMM

      puture rower back probrems???

    • Zaedrus

      Oh, me so bewbly!

  • R2GFan

    #2 #5 #10 #15 Dear God! Do want!!!

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