If I could disappear off the grid… this island (19 Photos)

  • Jeff

    that’s a volcano..

  • LTBeas


    • bob lee swagger

      Yeah, but would you want to live there? Doubtful.

    • thisIsMyComment


  • iuchiver

    is there one of the LOST islands?

    • Uncle Sam

      It's Misty Island, home of the logging locos.

    • Mister Eko

      No, the LOST island was Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #14 I's like to spend my 90 day internet jail sentence here.

    • Unfkngblvbl


      • Dick Salad

        I'd go all minecraft on that bitch

  • Thought i was 1st


    • Clearly not 1st

      damn I was 5th? sucks balls

  • Kmac

    I would love to live on my own island!!

  • Jingske

    It wouldn't surprise me if the British MI6 was secretly based underneath that thing.

    • suckmycomment

      nar there in that big obvious building actually featured in James bond the world is not enough, on the Thames

  • Anonymous

    #8 looks like a turtle looking back at you.

    • Anonymous

      How high are you?

  • WolfmanJack

    Great place for my secret lair!

  • Anonymous

    Bring a volleyball

  • Pete

    If that dang Obama and the socialists take over we can kiss this island goodbye!

    • asdf


    • cerb

      It appears to be fine even after over a 100 years of what you consider socialism.

    • lol

      obvious virgin is obvious

    • its_forge


      … ww- ww-

      … what?

      • Assholes A Plenty


    • ThatGuy

      This is the most epic comment I have ever read on thechive

  • EasternCanuck

    go there and never see the sun for 7/8th of the year… no thanks

    • Fred

      considering we dont see the sun for 1/2 a year when its on the other side of the world.. 7/8ths is pretty good.. derp

    • Bubba

      you just read my mind. Let's redo this post in a more tropical setting I'd say!

  • TheLittleBear

    #15 my new posse

    • r00s7a

      You spelled pussy wrong

      • TheLittleBear

        shhhh 😉

  • MacNCheesePro

    This is where the dragon's lair is!!! It's where they are taking our food!!!

  • txchiver

    And we shall call it Donal Trump Island

  • Holy Hell

    The clouds. Why ?

    • Hey

      Well, air gets compressed because it is forced upwards and transformed in to clouds.. I thought this was common knowledge.

      • YOU

        Not compressed, condensed because of the lower temperature…… common knowledge

        • Assholes A Plenty

          both actually, the air gets compressed, condensing the water in the air to form clouds

    • Frank

      Same deal with Mount Shasta, CA. Crazy clouds. http://tinyurl.com/c632wst

  • ronnie clayton

    A cat named Cedric lives there, he is the king of the island and has sex with himself. He was born with both a penis & a vagina.

    • Dylan_sham

      That was painfully unfunny..Unlucky ronnie clayton

  • bubba_earl

    Nah. I'd rather have an island with warm sunshine and a beach.

    • beat rice

      And perhaps some sustainable land if I'm planning to disappear for a while

    • Maytrix

      Agreed. Cool Island, but not one suitable for living. Looks like nearly all the shore line is cliffs.

  • E.U.B.

    like you go outside and see it now

  • AllanA

    If you don't have a helicopter, good luck getting out of the island

    • pooper

      damn u scuba steve!

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Hideout for the Legion of Doom

    • Skeletor

      Beat me to it

  • Juan Hernandez

    Isn't that the island they go to to open the Ark in, Raiders of the Lost Ark?

    • Do0zer

      Actually that was Geheimhaven. A island north of the Greek island of Crete.

    • yuh

      that scene was actually filmed on one of the beaches on the na pali coast in kauai. normally its completely forbidden to step foot on that beach because thats were numerous hawaiian kings are buried, they had to have a hawaiian priest bless it

  • Tuff Guy

    Resembles the 9/11 attacks too much. I'm offended.

    • Maynard B.

      Please, don't start that up again…..

  • dirtysteve99


    Now everyone knows where the portal to Avalon is.

  • christopher

    this looks like a N64 Mario Golf hole!

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